B. H. Dark

Close Encounters by B H Dark


by B. H. Dark
Samhain Publishing
e-book out 28 October, 2008, paperback in summer 2009

In space, no one can hear you cream.

Odilia is a nice planet. The sky is purple, the grass is yellow, the property prices aren’t that bad. But reproduction is painful, solitary, and asexual. Which is why the Odilians find the recently discovered “X-rated” disks from Earth so fascinating. And why the money-making scheme they’re hatching is so brilliant.

The plan is simple: abduct four Earthlings and juice them up on a heady pheromone cocktail. Then plop them in a variety of titillating holographic scenarios and market the results as reality entertainment—for vast profits.

The four chosen humans are strangers to each other, but not to life’s disappointments. Leandros, a lounge singer who’s never committed to anything longer than an Elvis medley. Eve, a interior designer who’s living a life much more beige than bold. Beau, a laid-back car mechanic who wants more from life than oil changes. And Cassandra, an innocent debutante who’s learned most of her sexual know-how from self-help books.

As unwilling—okay, sort of willing—stars of the Odilians’ budding intergalactic porn empire, the four of them consider their options. Relax and enjoy the ride? Try to escape?

How about fall in love?

“B.H. Dark has managed to make alien abduction uber-sexy. Funny, clever and it has a lounge singer. What more can you ask for?”
-USA Today Bestselling Author Erin McCarthy

About B. H. Dark

I met Kathy Love when I was five years old, on a school field trip to the zoo, or what passed for a zoo in our little corner of Maine. She thought I was weird because I hugged trees. I thought she was weird because she didn’t.

In high school, we used to sit in the back of our chemistry lessons writing stories about us and rock stars. I’d write all the scenes about her, she’d write all the scenes about me, and we’d exchange notebooks and read each others’ stories with great glee.

When we grew up, we both became writers. We’ve always talked plots and characters and story structure and helped each other with our work. I was thrilled when she had her first book accepted by Kensington, and she was thrilled when, a bit later, I had my first book accepted by Harlequin.

Anyway, one day we decided to write some stuff together again, and started tossing around plot and character ideas, and we came up with an idea for an erotic science fiction romantic comedy. We decided to have two couples, so that Kathy could write one couple and I could write the other, like we did in high school. Since Kathy’s in the USA and I’m in the UK, we did all of this via email and telephone; we wrote the scenes where all the characters are together, by Instant Messenger. (And actually, we did swap around a few times so both couples are written by both of us.)

It was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done.

Once we’d finished, we both edited the whole manuscript to blend our voices together, chose a pseudonym, and sent the book off.

We’ve got some ideas for future B. H. Dark books, so watch this space.

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