feeling special and loved

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First, I must say THANK YOU so much to everyone who posted happy birthday wishes! I feel so special and loved!

So thanks to Biddy, Sela, Rosie, Tanya, Anna, Larissa, Michelle, Kate H, Kate R, Marc, Nell, Dennis, Pam, anonymous (whoever you are!), Kathy, Kate A, Olga, Lyvvie, and Sue.

I’ve sent out the proposal for How To Be a Sex Goddess (formerly known as The Book That Sucks) and I’m going to take a break from writing for a few days. I’m exhausted. And I really really want to put links up in that previous paragraph so that people can go and visit the clever and witty people who have posted on my blog. But I’m too tired. So please pretend that I did.

I might later. After I watch mindless TV. My hero Derren Brown is on tonight and I have been told by someone In The Know that Playing It Straight is a must-watch.

Anyway. I’m sending all of you who posted a hug. It might be a half-assed hug, because I’m so tired, but hey. It’s the best I can do.

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  1. So sorry I missed your birthday, but was dealing with the aftermath of the great mouse invasion and not visiting all my blogs. Hope you had a good ‘un!

    Derren Brown? Yum!!!! I love him too! Thanks for reminding me about the prog, which I taped. Will now go and watch it!

  2. I did post a happy birthday wish, Julie, but it didn’t show. So I just posted it again. Sorry I was late!

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