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Visiting other people’s blogs is fantastic, but it does make me jealous. I mean I will NEVER be as productive as the super-woman Kate Hardy. Even the thought of her deadlines makes me want to roll around the floor screaming. And do you know, the last time I saw her she was smiling as she said something like, “Oh, I have two books due on Wednesday and a governor’s meeting in the evening and in between I might just plan a party for my entire family and then save the world from an evil super-genius who happens to live on the Unthank Road in Norwich”?

And Suzanne McMinn and Jill Shalvis are consistently funny. How does that happen?! Don’t these women have days when all they can think about is boring stuff like, oh I don’t know, napkins?

Vanessa Jaye is always buying books and then–this is the impressive bit–actually reading them! I buy books and they sit on the floor until I trip over them and then put them away somewhere to pick up again when I have the time. Vanessa reads them, and then tells us about them. Incredible.

And Rosie….well, Rosie’s blog got invaded by far-right fanatics last week and for a brief exciting time it was the battleground for a white-hot debate about international terrorism and gun laws, all conducted by the type of people who couldn’t have their opinions shifted by a jackhammer.

I don’t envy that. But she has some beautiful photographs, and I like her cat.

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  1. May I point out that I had a glass of wine in my hand at the time, vbg? And HOW many projects are you working on, right now??? But yeah, most of it stands (three books, one family party that just seems to have become ‘open house’ and twice as big, one family day out in London, a governor’s meeting, a PTA meeting and –) No, stop me. I think I am becoming the evil supergenius…
    Kate Hyperactive (sadly, that’s true!)

  2. Oh no! Do you live on the Unthank Road!??! 😀

  3. …there’s a village in Cumbria called Unthank….

    Anna, purveyor of useless information

  4. Julie, I love visiting your blog because YOU are funny!!!!

  5. Well Suzanne pointed me over here and I’m so glad she did, LOL. You are funny AND adorable.

  6. No!! Don’t listen to Suzanne! She will tell you I’m cute and I’m NOT CUTE, dammit! I am sophisticated and chic!!!!!!!!!

    Sigh. Nice to see you, Jill. I love your blog. And you too, Funny Suzanne. And you three, Anna Purveyor of Useless Info.

    I just think the word “Unthank” is cool. It would be a great verb.

  7. Gamine, darling. You’re gamine. As opposed to gamy, of course. 😉

  8. I know! And how about Paperback Writer, having written 7 books this year, says she’s going to write 8 next year, and she has a family and she quilts and has a quilting blog? WOW!! She’s just astounding and completely inspiring.

  9. No, I don’t live in Unthank Road (I do have a wish-fulfilment house there, but as the houses at the non-city end cost at least half a million… sigh. No). I live in Costessey. (And I dare you to have a go at spelling it phonetically.)

    I would like to point out that
    you are sophisticated, urbane, witty, clever AND funny. And I enjoy your blog as much as I reckon I’m going to enjoy your books. (Is it still eleven months I have to wait??)

    Anna – is Unthank in Cumbria named after the same family as Unthank Road in Norwich? (Just out of interest – ah no, am not writing Roads today. Bad Kate, go back to your Med before your ed cracks the whip…)

  10. Julie, you don’t have anything to be jealous for! Your blog is wonderful!

  11. hi julie its seem to me very good web site and you have good friends and experience certainly more than i am. it is a honour around all of you…………..

  12. Well, I just admire you all who have books published and I’m looking forward to downloading next week’s Richard and Judy Summer Bookclub podcast because I think I might know whose book will be on it.

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