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I’ve got a post up on Romancing the Blog, mostly about kissing my perky breasts goodbye.





a little bit frantic

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I’m back from the conference. I haven’t had much time to reflect on it, though, because I got back last night and this morning I had to go pick up the proofs for Spirit Willing at the post office depot where they had been delivered in my absence and read them through for corrections as quickly as possible because they were supposed to be back today. Also, my Headline editor needed a premise for my next book because she has to brief the art department and this entailed frantically writing down my idea for the next book which I was totally sure sucked and then sending it to Kathy who said it didn’t suck and then having a phone conversation with my agent who assured me that it didn’t suck and then sending them to my editor who, if I am very lucky, will ring me and tell me tomorrow that it doesn’t suck.

Also there was no food in the house, which isn’t very unusual, but it’s not a good thing when you’re pregnant and cranky. Also I had a Romancing the Blog post due for tomorrow. Also my husband is coming home around midnight from his tour with James Morrison and I haven’t seen him for about a week. Also this place is a total mess, which is completely my fault. Also I had to book some flights to Maine before the price went up. Also I had to spend about an hour staring at my belly because the baby has started kicking and it looks like somebody is poking me from the inside with a stick.

So it’s been a busy day and I’m sorry that I haven’t managed to post an account of the RNA conference. Michelle Styles has, though, and so has Amanda Ashby. Probably some other people have too but I haven’t read those yet.

When I have a minute to breathe I’ll write more about the conference (I did write about it, a little bit and in a joking way, for my RTB post tomorrow)–or, what’s more likely, refer you to people who have written about it better than I.





going to the conference

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Today’s the last day of school (MY LAST DAY AS A FULL-TIME TEACHER, hooray!!), and then I’m offf to the RNA conference in Penrith this afternoon.

I can’t wait. It will be so wonderful to see all my friends and to go to the workshops. I’m between books, and I’m not giving a workshop, so I intend to drink in all of the creative talent and let it inspire me.

I’ll be visiting a couple days with Anna afterwards, in the glorious Lake District. So I’ll be back to this blog on Wednesday, no doubt starstruck and delirious.

When I come back I’ll be announcing the winner of my contest and I’ll have photos to share, along with the golden advice I’ve heard from RNA authors.

See you next week!

(PS The Pigeon Book is going to be called Driving Him Wild and it’ll be out in February 2007.)





some reviews

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Have done the edits on the Modern Extra and will send them back tonight. I plan to spend the rest of the evening lying in bed reading Harry Potter.

Meanwhile, while I’ve been in the writing and editing cave, I’ve had some reviews of my books.

WritersUnlimited calls Featured Attraction “a fun and lively story of two people who are trying very hard to get past their past…a great way to spend a few hours of free time.”

Romance Divas gave both Featured Attraction and Being a Bad Girl five out of five kisses.

Their review of Featured Attraction says “The turning point in this novel is a unique variation on the desert island theme. When it the black moment arrived, I was actually nervous to pick the book back up, afraid that for once, the Happily Ever After was in serious jeopardy. However, Ms Cohen, with a deft twist, brings the two together again with realistic, refreshing honesty.”

They say Being A Bad Girl is “sweetly emotional…a touching, layered story of the disguises both Oz and Marianne wear at different levels of their relationship. The story plays heartstrings because of the honest work Marianne has to do to get her life back on track before she can be with Oz.”

A reviewer on has given Delicious five stars, and said, “Delicious by Julie Cohen is just that…a delicious and sexy story…deeply sensual and emotionally fulfilling.”

And I didn’t pay any of these people. Honest.





I don’t suck (today)

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In what is quite possibly the quickest response I’ve ever received for a manuscript, my Mills and Boon editor emailed yesterday to send me revisions on my Modern Extra. (I’d sent it in on Friday morning.) The changes are very minor and easily made, and mostly involve cutting my more heavy-handed sexual innuendoes. She liked the characters, the story, and even the pigeon.

So I guess it didn’t suck too bad.

I also found out that Dutch publisher De Kern has bought the rights to Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak. So that is also very cool.

Welcome and thanks to all the UK BookCrossing people who have been stopping by my website today–I appreciate the comments and hope you’ll have a look around at my weird world. I can recommend the photo of Ewan McGregor kissing a chicken.





happy fourth of July!

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I think it is so totally unfair that I had to work today.

However, at every opportunity, I informed my British work colleagues that today is the 230th anniversary of the day that my country kicked their country’s butt.

Happy Independence Day!





some thoughts about BookCrossing

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Yesterday went well. It was a hot day in Birmingham and I have to admit that the venues were not ideal–one was a very dark night club and one was a very hot meeting room. But the people were all very friendly and everyone who attended my talk was the best–fun, intelligent, considerate people.

I’m glad I went–I enjoyed the talk, I met some lovely articulate people who love reading and discussing books, and I got to see Rosie. And they gave me ice cream. I have to say I’m still undecided about BookCrossing. This isn’t meant to be something inflammatory–I think the people at the convention were fantastic, and I believe they are idealistic and kind. I also believe that the reasons behind the group are, on balance, well meant. It’s fun to find a book “in the wild” and to set it free for someone else to read. I could see first-hand that the convention allowed all the participants to share the joy of reading with each other, and that’s got to be a great thing.

But there is that tricky issue of authors making a living, and publishers staying in business. A BookCrossing book has many readers, and the author only makes his or her very small profit on it once. A book traded is a book not bought. It’s also not a book taken out of a public library, which pay authors PLR and which need everyone’s support.

On the other hand, I’ve borrowed many books, enjoyed them, and then gone out and bought the author’s other books. If this is what BookCrossers do, then that can benefit authors. Is it?

Let me make it clear again–I’m not in any way questioning the validity or benefits of the organisation to its members. I saw that yesterday. And personally, the convention was an opportunity for me to get my work more well known, which will benefit me. But how about authors in general?

What do you think?





off to Birmingham

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Well, off to Birmingham today to talk about writing sex. It’s a workshop I’ve given several times before, though I haven’t given it for a year and I’m changing it a bit, so I’m not that nervous. I even managed to sleep last night.

Before I go I’ve got to do a bunch of stuff–pack up my books to sell, see if I can find any clothes that fit me, get some photocopying done in town, buy strawberries and chocolate, get my train ticket. I’m really hoping the post will come before nine because my editor said she popped proof copies of the jacket of Spirit Willing in the post and it would be great to take one with me to Birmingham.

Rumour (well, okay, the BookCrossing website) has it that the other speaker today will be Carole Matthews. I met her some time ago when we both had stories in a Sexy Shorts anthology. It was my first ever published fiction, and she, of course, had sold a ton of books in the UK and the US. She was very nice and later, when I had a dilemma, very generous with her advice. So it will be good to see her again.

Rosie should also be there, and I haven’t seen her since she moved up north, so that will be good too.

Meanwhile, I have accomplished nothing this morning but eating cold pizza, so I’d better go take a shower.


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