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crowHave just sent a blurb/proposal to my agent about my next book, which has the working title Girl from Mars. It’s about a female comic book artist who takes a vow not to get a boyfriend.

So I’m waiting to hear about that.

I’m also waiting to hear what my editor, who has been away but now is back, thinks of Honey Trap.

And my friends and readers of my blog are now, following my pickle craving, convinced I am pregnant.

Crows, anyone?

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  1. What a story idea.

    You convince everyone you’re pregnant – and then you have to get pregnant to live up to the fib you told…

    (OK. I admit. I am procrastinating.)

  2. Hey Julie,

    Apologies for my ‘virtual’ absence. I became v. behind on the Enneagram course but I’ve got it safely saved and am looking forward to studying it when ‘real’ life slows down a bit.

    Love your story idea. 🙂 I’m getting the crows again right now, even though Gray and I are working collaboratively on all our projects – fortunately we never get the same crows at the same time so we should have two completed manuscripts by the end of the year.

    Hope your editor doesn’t keep you waiting too long re. Honey Trap – sending loads of good vibes.

    Eww to pickle and anything with mustard in it *shudder*. Hmm… I think Kate has a great idea and it sounds like a plan worth considering 😉

    Love & hugs,

    P.S. Special hug to your gorgeous boy.

  3. I’m sure she’ll love your proposal. 🙂

  4. ‘Girl from Mars’. I LOVE that title. Magic.
    Clever clogs.
    Sorry that the crows gave up on my house and flew north.
    Lessons in patience should be a compulsory part of every creative writing class. I think the record for one of my own blockbusters was 9 months – for a one line rejection. Shame it does not get any easier.
    Upwards and onwards. 🙂

  5. Kate, that’s a little extreme to justify a lie, isn’t it? Still…good story…*brain whirring*

    Hi Sue! I’m glad you and Gray are progressing so well! That is excellent news. Consider the Fecklet hugged. 🙂

    Tempest…she did. 😀

    Ray-Anne, if I have diverted the crows from your house, my work is done. And you’re right about the lessons in patience.

  6. Ithink your proposal will fly. It sounds like your sort of book and I look forward to reading it in due course.
    Your trouble is that your friends tend to be writers and they tend to think about what ifs.. and hidden agendas.
    Have the pickle cravings abated?
    I am all for having more than one child but actually shudder at the thought of having two really close together. I know people who did it, who survived it but it was rough for a few years.

  7. I think it would flush my career down the toilet. But other people do it, so who am I to worry?

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