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Hey, it’s a holiday in the US, isn’t it? Not here. In fact I’ve been working all day! What’s the deal with that, then!?!?

Right, I have a moral dilemma. Following my total glom on Twilight series (will finish book 2 tonight before I sleep), I have been confronted by Kris Starr, who accuses me of trying to make her feel guilty for fancying Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward in the upcoming film. I believe that this is because I, myself, feel guilty.

The whole thing is rather difficult. I mean, on the one hand, there is this.

James Pattinson, whew!

And this is quite scrumptious, even in red velvet, and just exactly the sort of tall, angular, slightly quirky-looking man who I fancy the bejesus out of (see, for example, David Tennant). This guy could be a hero. He really, really could.

On the other hand, there is this.

Robert Pattinson--uh, oh.

Now I am not all that old (really) but I am definitely a Grown-Up, and a former teacher at that, and it just seems wrong to fancy Cedric Diggory, or indeed anyone at all in a Hogwarts uniform. I fought the attraction when I saw the movie, and I’m still fighting it now, dammit. I am a moral person.

But…red velvet, though.

Advice? Encouragement? Psychiatric help? Anyone?

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  1. Is he old enough to shave? Blimey. And to think I once thought your Cillian was rather babyfaced. *g*

    Red velvet – now that makes me think of Rob Newman. (C’mon, you must remember Newman and Baddiel?)


  2. Now, see, he’s getting tastier as he ages. Cedric Diggory is the kind of guy I would have had a raging crush on in High School, and I suppose that’s why he appealed to the (slightly!) older me.

    But just give him time. He has the makings of someone we can both easily drool over. 😉

    I’m afraid to ask — do we know how old he is now? Wait…that’s what is for —

    Ah. He’s 22. That’s not *that* bad, is it…?? (Please tell me it’s not…) *g*


  3. I grabbed the three Stephanie Meyers books at Borders today but then put them back as I can’t read anything until I finish revisions.
    But I kind of see why you might find him attractive… kind of.


  4. Mmm, he looks quite nice in the red velvet. I own my infatuations with the younger men – I have quite a raging crush on Shia Labeouf and he’s only 22. I’ve blogged about him too much. But he’s so dreamy to me. LOL

    So is Robert. I never knew I liked red velvet on a man.


  5. Kris – me too. I would have totally gone for Cedric. Can’t blame old Cho for going for it now can we. He does have that preppy boy look with a shit disturber smile.


  6. Nothing wrong with red velvet. Those of us who are Slightly Older grew up in an era where red velvet jackets on skinny men coloured most of our waking moments.

    On the other hand I prefer my fantasy chap to look as though he is old enough to drive me safely home from a party rather than me being the one to collect him and his mates and check absently that they’ve clicked their seat-belt properly before I ferry them all home.

    Damn. Maybe I’ve grown up.


  7. Hmm. Now, see, I got NO comments on my last post. I should’ve known that posting about a man would get you guys out of the woodwork.


  8. Kate, Cillian is very nearly my age! Really! Not Young At All!

    Please don’t tell me you fancied Rob Newman.

    Kris, I agree. I would have fancied R. P. as a teenager, and I will probably fancy him, if nothing goes wrong, when he is of a proper adult age. But I fancy him NOW. Ohhhhh the guilt….

    Biddy! Yes, do your revisions first. I’ve been totally useless since starting to read them.


  9. Karen, you do make me feel better. Good for you and Shia.

    Donna, no I don’t blame Cho either. Though Daniel Radcliffe is getting….NO! Fancying Harry is going TOO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jan. Sigh. You are correct. Maturity is good in a man. I KNOW that I should be fancying Snape (as indeed I do). But…but…but…


  10. The first picture works as Edward, but no, no, no, I cannot look at him as Cedric.


  11. My dd could fancy him. Personally I go for the more lived in look.
    Are you writing a YA?
    Now if I could just remember which actor I had seen recently where I thought — a Julie hero.


  12. Julie, Cillian does not look old enough to shave. And you are a babe yourself (in both senses).

    Robert P is 22? Blimey. I am old enough to be his mother. Now that’s scary.

    Just to make it worse, most of the men on my personal totty list are 40+ – Bruce Willis, David Duchovny (well, as he was 10 years ago – he’s not ageing well), Rufus Sewell, Daniel Craig. And even Richard Armitage is well on his way to 40.

    As for Rob Newman – it was the 90s, I was young, and I have a thing for men with long dark hair. (You know the man. Desperado. ‘Nuff said.)


  13. Ain’t nothing wrong with appreciating gorgeous men of any age. Well, within reason! Lol!

    Biddy, I’ve read the Twilight and New Moon and they’re definitely page turners! I can’t wait to see this film :)


  14. David Duchovny was never one of my faves until I watched Californication and now I heart him. It was a role he was made for. He IS Hank Moody.

    And Julie…”though Daniel Radcliffe is getting….”

    Let me put your mind at ease and scare the crap out of everyone else. You know the scene in The Order of the Phoenix where he and Dudley are running through the rain? I totally thought…Damn!


  15. Oh, who cares, he’s 22, that’s perfectly legal!

    A (gay) friend of mine bumped into RP in the street once and had his photo taken with him (so he’s a sweetheart, too). Couldn’t stop talking about his deliciousness! Can’t say I blame him. Or you.

    And now I’m probably going to have to see Twilight. Well, I dragged my best friend to see Prince Caspian just because of Ben Barnes. And I confess I felt guilty until I discovered that he’s actually older than me. By seven months, but still. Now I can entertain the sort of ‘turning up lost on my doorstep’ fantasies I enjoy about Richard Armitage, guilt-free.


  16. Leo, I’m with you seeing the film. I will probably need to bring tissues to mop up the drool.

    Donna fancies a wet Harry Potter! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!!

    Kate, 22 is perfectly legal for YOU, as YOU are also 22 or so. I’m jealous of your friend.

    I fancy David Duchovny in the X-Files.


  17. Robert just gets better and better as he ages! Him being Cedric was just wrong! But he unleashed his full potential in the Twilight and New Moon movies.

    And I know 30 year old women who fancy Robert Pattinson! Wierd, but totaly true! I think even I’m starting to like him a bit! I think it was just a phase as I first liked Taylor Lautner in Twilight and New Moon, who plays Jacob Black, then Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper Hale (I only liked him because he played Jasper), and now Rob. Who next?


  18. Well, I am the wrong side of 30 myself, Emilia. 😉

    But I agree, there are a plethora of fanciable men in the Twilight movies. It’s like a smorgasbord of totty. The guy who plays Carlisle is actually much better looking out of makeup, too.


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