Honey Trap and Dominick

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I’ll talk more about Sophie tomorrow, but I’ve got a post up today on The Writing Playground about how I came up with the hero of Honey Trap, Dominick Steele. I’ll also be giving away a copy of Honey Trap there, to a person who comments.

So please visit The Writing Playground!

Meanwhile, here is a picture of the physical inspiration for Dominick Steele. A beautiful man, and one who happens to have grown up about forty miles from my home town…

Dominick Steele

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  1. Hope the radio talk went OK today. I think your talks on that subject have preceeded you. Yes, well, he does look rather hero typish for a book. Who is he?


  2. Patrick Dempsey.

    Thank you, the talk went very well. It was hiliarious, actually.


  3. Mmm. Yep, he makes a very delicious Dom. I hadn’t tried to picture him, but he does fit the bill rather nicely.


  4. Oh………. Jan goes weak and has to be revived…..


  5. He is rather special isn’t he? ggg

    Kate, I made up Dominick before I found a model for him, which is unusual for me. But he just seemed to fit, especially in this picture.

    Maybe I should send him a copy of the book, seeing as we’re practically childhood friends.


  6. I did the same thing with one of my favourite characters, and then one day I saw a magazine advert for cologne and suddenly went, “That’s Luke!” So now I have the advert pinned up next to my computer. You know, for professional purposes.


  7. Oooh! I love PD! Hadn’t realised he was Dominick Steele, tho! I could read it all again with renewed interest…


  8. You know, Kate, I used to play Dungeons and Dragons and for years used the same character called Iris. And one day I was reading a magazine and saw a photo of her. It was weird.

    Go on, Jan, read it again, particularly the parts where he’s described naked. 😉


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