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I’m off for three days to lead a residential course in writing commercial women’s fiction, for Cornerstones Literary Consultancy. From past experience, I know it will be lots of hard work, but also hugely rewarding and lots of fun.

Husband is taking care of the Fecklet. Husband claims not to be able to cook. I’m not really sure this is true, since he lived on his own for many, many years before we married and I became his live-in slave–oh, sorry, excuse me–wife. 🙂 Anyway, so he will not starve while I’m gone, I’ve just been to Tesco and spent an inordinate amount of money on ready meals and healthy snacks. Hopefully it won’t kill the Fecklet to live for three days on fish fingers and baked beans.

While I’m gone I thought I would leave you with a…


The prize will be a HARDCOVER copy of One Night Stand. Or, if you’ve already got that book, then another book from my backlist.

This is sort of different from my other contests, because this actually requires you to have a copy of Honey Trap on hand. Though you could probably just go to the bookstore and take it off the shelf, looking for the answer. Or get it out of the library.

I’ve already said that I put little private jokes in my books…well, there’s one in Honey Trap that nobody, absolutely nobody, has noticed. See, there are several police officers in the book, because Sophie deals with the police as a private investigator and she also sort of has a stalker. And I named all the police officers after a very special group of people.

Who did I name the police officers after?

Email me the answer, using the contact link up on the top of the page!

(You are so cool if you get this right. And yes, you can go ahead and guess if you don’t have the book.)

I’ll announce the winner and the answer when I get back, on Thursday.

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  1. I so wanted to be on that course. Have a wonderful time 🙂


  2. i wanted to be on that course too, but i couldn’t manage to sell my kids to fund it. contest…i am so not cool, but i will read through book again…


  3. Have fun, Julie.


  4. No it won’t kill the fecklet to live on baked beans and fish fingers for a few days. My husband when he was a child went through a stage of ONLY eating baked beans and fish fingers. He did not truly begin to be a non pciky eater until he moved out of his parents house…
    Baked beans are actually very healthy.
    Have fun teaching.


  5. Hey DP, having shared a house with your husband for fair amount of time I know for a fact that he was actually a pretty good cook, not nearly as good as you mind. Tell him he’s full of hooey!
    Although, you did corrupt him into eating meat again – so I guess you’re even!
    As for the police, my guess is Huey, Dewey and Louie . . . am I close?


  6. I have no idea!


  7. It was a great course! Thank you Liz, Fran and Cyclops8.

    Fecklet survived the three days, so we’re all right. Glad your husband has a bit more culinary flexibility now, Michelle!

    Ditchpig, you are actually not that far off with your guess in the scheme of things. And you are right, my husband can cook perfectly well when he wants to!! I will remind him you said so.

    Jess…have a guess! 🙂


  8. Curly, Larry and Moe. . .?


  9. One more try – Larry, Darryl and his other brother Darryl?

    Arghh – all my books are still in boxes at my parents!


  10. Well, I’ve looked through the book again and seen the names, and nothing rings a bell… Is it band members, considering the theme of the book??


  11. Hi Julie,

    Are they named after the members of KISS?

    Annie (long-time reader, first-time poster, from New Zealand.)


  12. Ok, I’m gonna stay with the music thing and say the band Police. 🙂


  13. I think I’ve got it! I know you were obsessed with. . . The Beatles?? (Well, Paul in particular)

    Where are you, come back, this is driving me crazy?!


  14. Annie got it! Hooray!!

    And Jess figured out the theme, and Dina was very clever with her Police guess.

    And Ditchpig, I’m surprised you didn’t guess Kiss!


  15. I would’ve if I’d known the names.
    But alas, all my books are still in boxes.
    Maybe your next book can have Larry, his brother Darryl and his other brother Darryl?

    That’s probably a little to cryptic for UK readers though.


  16. congrats Annie.


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