a chocolate day

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Went to bed at 11. Fecklet up screaming at 2. Sheets stained with blood, best I can tell he’s either bitten his cheek or a tooth has come through (he’s still got his last set of molars to come). Change sheets, cuddle, calm down, back to bed. Up again at 3. And 4. And 5. For good at 6.

Lots of my friends take their kids into bed with them on a regular basis or when they can’t sleep. When I do this, Fecklet spends the whole time poking me in the eye, pinching my face, twisting my lip, sticking fingers into my nose and mouth. We don’t do much sleeping.

Today, I am tired and craving tea and chocolate. Poor Fecklet is uncomfortable, still, and tired, but is enjoying eating tomato soup for lunch.

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