a chocolate day

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Went to bed at 11. Fecklet up screaming at 2. Sheets stained with blood, best I can tell he’s either bitten his cheek or a tooth has come through (he’s still got his last set of molars to come). Change sheets, cuddle, calm down, back to bed. Up again at 3. And 4. And 5. For good at 6.

Lots of my friends take their kids into bed with them on a regular basis or when they can’t sleep. When I do this, Fecklet spends the whole time poking me in the eye, pinching my face, twisting my lip, sticking fingers into my nose and mouth. We don’t do much sleeping.

Today, I am tired and craving tea and chocolate. Poor Fecklet is uncomfortable, still, and tired, but is enjoying eating tomato soup for lunch.

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  1. My children learned, quickly, that a tired mom was a cranky mom. Yes, I was awoken many times, but somehow I was able to convince them that while I’d tend to them at 3 AM, if they tried again at 6 AM they needed to return to sleep, or at least to play quietly in bed. (All bets off with bodily fluids involved, however. Sleep be damned.)

    Good luck.

  2. He’s bitten his tongue, which has been swollen and giving him grief since Wednesday night. We had a bit more sleep last night, but he still woke up every three hours or so needing Bonjela, and was up for good at 5. Seeing doctor today. Poor kid.

    On a good day, he’ll amuse himself for awhile in the morning before I have to attend to him, but if he’s not well, that’s a different story.

  3. Poor Fecklet and poor you. Hope both of you are a little easier now.

  4. He is better, thank you. The doctor prescribed chocolate ice cream.

    Which you’ve got to love, as medical advice.

  5. Poor you and poor Fecklet. I remember those days. (Though we still get invaded at 3am…) Hope he’s better now and you’ve had enough chocolate to keep you coping 🙂

  6. Poor Fecklet. Molars are the worst, although now I see that he had bitten his tongue. Ouch! Hope the ice cream did the job. x

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