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My heroine and hero are right here, beneath the tree in this picture, except it’s night.

circle of lebanon

Viktor is also looking up at the stars. He murmurs something. I can barely hear it, but it sounds like “What’s the worst that could happen?”

“We could crash down into a century-old grave and land in the lap of a corpse,” I answer straightaway.

I feel rather than hear his small laugh. “No,” he says, “I meant what’s the worst that could happen if I did this again.”

He puts his hand under my chin and tilts it toward him. Then he bends his head and kisses me.

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  1. That’s beautiful, Julie.

    Except that I’ve just been reading Pratchett and had a slight Igor moment when I read the spare hand sentence.

    Especially with the graves around them and all.

  2. Have edited out the extra hand. I always have extra hands. As you point out, unfortunate in the context of a graveyard.

  3. Looks quite spooky to me. Romantic line though. Got my first proofs yesterday and seems there’s not much to change in it, thankfully.

  4. I’ve always wished I could have an extra hand. Just now and again. When shopping, for instance. Or putting together flat-pack furniture.

  5. Spooky and romantic is what I’m going for, Julie, hooray! Glad your proofs look good.

    Jan, an extra hand could help, thought it would look pretty funny.

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