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The book is being a bit difficult. This is fine, I can get through it, I know what to do to get through it. But as a result I have been spending lots of time wasting time online when I should probably be writing (of which more later).

However, I found one site that is emphatically NOT a waste of writing time. In fact, it’s the opposite: a site which makes you write, with dire consequences if you stop even for a moment!

It helped me write 300 words in ten minutes just now. If you haven’t already, check out Write or Die on Dr Wicked’s Writing Lab.

Turn off your email first. And your phone.

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  1. I have found with write or die, I end up spending longer redoing the words. It is far easier to set a timer and do it that way.
    Don’t ask me why but it is.


  2. See, I really object to being told what to do. It brings out the “Go on, then, do your worst!” in me. Guess I’ll stick with the ‘procrastinate until I’m so guilty I HAVE to write’ approach.


  3. Julie, I love this! I got 2 more pages as a result.

    But I think the key is, you have to already know where the scene is going. And if you do, you can let it rip.


  4. I had just read about this on Kate harrison’s sight this week and wondered if I dared.

    Good advice though from Michelle W on you need to know where the scene is going!


  5. Well, yes and no. If I know just where a scene is going, I can write it all by myself. If I’m a little stuck, I’ll wander off, surf the net, do stuff like that.

    Last night I *sort of* knew where I was going, but as I just wrote without stopping, it went a different way which is better. So the thing that was stopping me writing solved itself by my writing. It was very useful.

    I’ve learned the hard way though that there’s no point formatting any of the text you write on the site because it’s stripped of everything anyway and you have to put it all back in afterwards.

    It’s raw words. But that’s what I’m dealing with at the moment because I’m going to have to change most of what I’m writing now anyway. I just need to get the basic structure and events down, as a template for my revisions afterwards.


  6. Hi, Julie,

    I am heading over to “Write or Die” right away. Sounds like just the thing I need to get going with my new story. Best of luck with your book!



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