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Right, well I *meant* to blog today about what I’ve learned about storytelling lately. The thing is, it’s my friend David’s birthday today. And he’s visiting from Hong Kong. So we spent the morning making cake, and the afternoon at the local animal park looking for the dinosaurs that Fecklet insisted were “hiding” behind the llamas or wherever, and the evening drinking champagne and eating yummy food.

And tomorrow I do believe I’m going to take him to Bath, so I might not quite get to it then either.

But I will try.

Meanwhile I’ve had one glass of champagne too many and am going to bed. Goodnight!!

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  1. That Fecklet, he knows a thing or two.

    I think you deserve a lovely couple of days. Enjoy!

  2. Enjoy your well-refilling time, Julie.

    “Meanwhile I’ve had one glass of champagne too many and am going to bed. Goodnight.”

    Is this the modern Samuel Pepys, then? 🙂

  3. They say a change is as good as a rest, so hopefully the change of scenery helped to refocus on your writing. Maybe you will be more refreshed coming to your work now.

  4. Ah the dinosaur stage.
    Whatever you do, do not get a cd of dinosaur songs. We had a tape to be played in the car for my eldest. He wanted it on all the time.
    His favourite stuffed animals were dinosaurs — Steggy and Cera.

  5. So your park doesn’t have dinosaurs, but it DOES have llamas?!

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