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So I’ve been asked to go on BBC Radio Scotland again on Monday morning, this time to be a guest along with agony aunt Irma Kurtz, to talk about holiday romances—why we fantasize about going somewhere exotic and meeting the love of our life.

I’ve got some ideas about why this is so (and some of them tie in with why romantic novels are so popular, too, ideas of escape and trying on new identities), but I want some good examples to cite.

What are some good films about holiday romances? Some best-selling books?

Have you ever had a great or disastrous holiday romance?

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  1. I got stalked once by a waiter in Menorca. Does that count?


  2. Sure. That sounds pretty romantic. Did he send you flowers?


  3. Ooh Definitely ‘The Holiday.’ Will have a think for more…


  4. Shirley Valentine?


  5. I was about to say the Holiday too. You made think about the guy I would somehow meet every year on the Cape on the Fourth of July weekend. It must have happened four years running. We did correspond for a while……


  6. No Julie, no flowers–he just turned up everywhere I went and tried to get me to have breakfast with him–if you know what I mean. And I think you do.


  7. What’s that one with Ethan Hawke — “Before Sunrise”? That’s a holiday romance movie.

    Sadly, no, I have no exciting adventures of my own to report. My life’s so boring.



  8. “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” Got the Dvd if you want to borrow it.


  9. Try HOliday Inn.

    And then there are the Frankie and Annette ones.
    It Happened one summer.

    Summer Holiday?
    The start of Grease?
    Dirty Dancing?


  10. Hey Julie, just dropped in as Sarah’s got her hands on your book before I did, and really enjoying it. Should have bought two copies 🙂

    Anyway – Audrey? Gregory? ROMAN HOLIDAY!

    And can I ps: I thought Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist was a beautiful little romance. Not really a holiday, but kind of, a break from reality that lasts just one night.


  11. Is Under the Tuscan Sun a holiday movie? I haven’t seen it but I have it as a gift lol. I’ll watch it someday… 🙂


  12. Sigh. In the end, I didn’t get the chance to talk about any of these, though they were great suggestions. Thanks, everyone.

    Josh, I’m glad Sarah’s enjoying the book!


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