puke o’plenty

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Argh! Fecklet picked up some kind of a bug on the plane, because he spent this morning throwing up.

Bless him, he quickly learned how to puke in a bowl instead of down his front.

By noon, he’d managed to keep down a slice of toast and ask for another, so I think he’s on the road to recovery. Thank goodness for toddlers and their quick healing. He’s napping now and hopefully he’ll be chipper when he wakes up.

Me, I’ve got no writing done, but I’ve caught up on some emails and if I’m very lucky and he’s much better, I’m going to see Wicked! tonight, having spontaneously booked a ticket last night to go with friends.

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  1. Oh, poor Fecklet.

    Hope you get to see Wicked! It’s a fabulous show.

  2. I did! It was!

    Fecklet was fine. Toddler recovery is amazing.

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