My name is Julie, and I’m a netaholic.

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Okay, before I say anything else, can I just talk about HOW FRICKIN’ GLAD I AM TO HAVE THE INTERNET AGAIN!?!??!?!?!

I will admit it. I’m totally an addict. For the first few days in my parents’ cabin by the lake in Maine, my fingers would itch every ten minutes or so, about the time I’d normally be hitting “get mail” on my computer to see if anybody had emailed me. Or checking Facebook to see what my friends were doing. (All 1060 of them.) I kept on thinking about stuff I had to blog about.

I was going crazy!!

This was worse because I knew I had a book just out. And people were probably reading it! And reviewing it! And I couldn’t find out!!


This is, of course, wrong. Big time wrong. Life is for living, not for checking the internet. Instead of checking the computer, I read the newspaper every morning. True, this was the Lewiston Sun Journal, and during the four and a half weeks I was home there were exactly two news stories. One was about a double murder not quarter of a mile from the house where I grew upโ€”which was, admittedly, a big news story. The other was about a brawl that erupted during an annual greased cod carrying contest.

On the days that didn’t include these news stories, I read Dear Abby, the sheriff’s log, and the notices of births and deaths. You can learn a lot about human nature from these items.

I also read several novels, played with the Fecklet, talked with my family, and spent some quality time staring at the lake. I was in bed nearly every night by 9 pm.

You would think, from this experience, that I would have learned my lesson. But y’know what? I didn’t. The internet eats my time, it eats my brain, it makes me sit like an old lady at the computer…but I love it!!!

(For example, I’m interviewed today on Book Chick City. How was I supposed to do that without broadband? Huh? Huh? Huh?)

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  1. We’ve missed you too, sweetie.

  2. I did wonder where you had got to. Read the interview and I too am looking forward to reading Girl from Mars. What do you do for promotion? You can email me if you want to. I am interested because I am still thinking of ways to promote my book months later after it came out.

  3. Eeeeeee! I’m so with you. I was seriously getting worried, you had been gone so long!

  4. Julie!

    So glad you’re back. I missed your posts!

    The first three years we were married, we lived in Lisbon Falls. Our son was born in Lewiston–so I’m envying you getting to read about the cod-carrying contest and the sheriff’s log. Not so much about the murder. (Those things usually happened toward spring in a long winter when we were there.) No Portland–what was it? Press Herald? Something like that. (My internet access is so slow, I’m not going to look it up!)

    Glad to see you posting again!

  5. Welcome back! So glad we met in DC and I think you’re the coolest ever! Crossing fingers you got killer reviews ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ahhh how did I get along without my internet friends!?!? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Julie, I should be a better promoter, but hopefully my email will say something new.

    Donna, I know, it’s some kind of record.

    Anna, you actually miss the Lewiston Sun Journal? You can read it online:
    The headline news for today is a ghost hunt in Poland (Maine).

    Jax, I’m glad we met too, groovy chick! ๐Ÿ™‚

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