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Back hurts. I’m on page 398, which is 122,134 words. I’ve still got quite a bit more to go, but my hope is that I’ll be done in the next two weeks, then a readthrough/polish, then off to my agent well before Thanksgiving. Not that Thanksgiving has any meaning here in the UK, but it does to me.

This book is LONG, the longest thing I’ve ever written. It has a lot in it. It’s mostly set in Wiltshire, but it’s also set in Los Angeles, London, Preston and Greece. It has tractors and crop circles and aliens and aeroplanes and fires and sheep and joyriding and Alzheimer’s disease and even a bit of sex and love.

Here’s a paragraph of which I’m very proud, from the revisions I did yesterday:

I’d already spent a completely miserable hour eating dry lamb and dry roast potatoes with my mother, during which neither of us spoke more than necessary. The small talk options had seemed rather limited, since I couldn’t really say, “Well, turns out your perfect other daughter has stolen a car.” Or “How did you like that jujitsu hold I put you in the other night? Inescapable, isn’t it?”

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  1. Absolutely LOVE the sound of your new book!!! Hurry up and finish those revisions so they can publish and we can buy it!!!


  2. Sounds really fun Julie, hope the hands are doing okay and let you meet your deadline.


  3. You have every right to be proud. Great paragraph. Can’t wait to read the rest of it.


  4. Ha Ha! Love it!


  5. Thank you, guys!

    Rachael, it’s out in hardback/trade paperback in October 2010, and mass market paperback in April 2011. I’m not sure when it will get to your part of the world!

    Lorraine, the hands are much better, but now it’s my posture that’s all shot to hell. 🙁

    Liz, hope the Nano is going apace!

    Thank you, Lacey!


  6. Um, you don’t think you need to listen to your back? Just a little bit?

    (Great para)


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