Any ice cream designers out there?

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Anybody want to help design an ice cream?

In my book, The Bad Twin, the heroine’s family owns an ice cream business, and I need some flavours to mention. The business is called Ice Cream Heaven, and it’s my idea that every flavour should have something to do with “heaven” (or goodness or happiness) in it.

So far, I’ve got:
Toffee Euphoria
Apricot Arcadia
Peachy Keen
Rapture Rum Raisin
Praline Perfection
and Bee’s Knees, which is honeycomb.

Any other ideas? Please, as many as you can think up, I need loads! Especially for chocolate.

Thank you, my creative friends!

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  1. Holy Moly Melt (that’s a sort of chocolate/caramel concoction…)
    The Rapture (just all the best ingredients in one icecream….like marshmallows, chocolate, caramel, fudge and streaks of strawberry…) – oh, wait, just saw you have a rapture one already…
    Cherubic Chocolate
    Seraphic Strawberry
    Radiant Raspberry Ripple


  2. I love Holy Moly Melt!

    Those are great!

    Any more?


  3. Ding dongs merrily on high
    (Brit audience might not know about ding dongs though…i do because leilani lived on them in Boston!)


  4. Opting for alliteration, how about:

    Virtuous vanilla fudge
    Neapolitan nirvana
    Righteous raspberry
    Strawberry stairway (to heaven)
    Heavenly honey
    Blissful blueberry

    PS: Adored Girl From Mars!


  5. Now this is a challenge.I am thinking:
    Chocolate nirvana
    Elysium Deluxe- with a flake
    Pearly Gate surprise – sherbet fizz with a flake
    Hot Butterscotch sauce Utopia
    Afterlife Mocha Ripple

    and possibly Lucifer’s Nipples. After all, Lucifer was the brightest and best angel before the fall..


  6. Maybe something with Elysium? Elderberry Elysium? Okay, doesn’t sound THAT appetizing, but you get the idea…


  7. Berry Bliss
    Raspberry Rhapsody
    Apricot Ambrosia
    Praline Paradise
    Chocolate Fudge Fantasy
    Pure Vanilla (simple – as good vanilla should be)
    Darkly Divine (rich dark chocolate)
    Sacred Strawberry
    Perfect Pavolva (with pieces of strawberry and meringue)
    Blessed Banoffee
    Sublime Lime
    Lovely Latte
    Merciful Mocha

    I’m finding thinking up ice cream names so much more appealing than re-working the scene I just wrote!


  8. Okay, I thought up a few of these, and then my computer restarted itself and began typing in Chinese. Weird.

    Therefore: Mandarin Manna
    Nutty Nirvana
    (Smells Like) Praline Spirit
    The Cocoa And The Glory
    Pecan Paradise
    Electric Choc Therapy
    Banoffee Pie In The Sky


  9. I totally love Electric Choc Therapy and (Smells Like) Praline Spirit, but alas, they are not things that the heroine’s mother or sister would use. (Nor, alas, Lucifier’s Nipples.) But totally what the heroine would suggest. So I may use those, I love them!

    Raspberry Rhapsody is perfect! And Nutty Nirvana and Blissful Blueberry and Sublime Lime and definitely something with Elysium in it.

    You guys rule.




  11. I KNOW!!!


  12. You could have a dark chocolate flavour: Ebony Elysium.

    And maybe a sorbet: Cloud Lime?

    I will admit to being quite please with (Smells Like) Praline Spirit. I kept trying to think of Nirvana in the Buddhist sense, but alas, Nineties grunge got in the way.


  13. Cloud Lime, I love it. Can I buy some please?


  14. You could have Elderflower Elysium… good English flavour that. Would probably work for Elderflower sorbet.


  15. Pistachio Paradiso


  16. And then there’s:

    Stellar Strawberry
    Celestial Mint Choc.
    Blueberry Betelgeuse is probably taking is a bit far…


  17. I’ve used Cloud Lime and Pistachio Paradiso.

    Thank you! I’ll do a proper list in a little while, when I’ve recovered a bit.


  18. Rachel, I’m so glad you enjoyed Girl from Mars! 🙂
    Thank you for telling me.


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