I do wish that the answer, my friend, was blowin’ in the wind.

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It’s blowing a gale outside and the rain is pelting against the windows. This week we had our ancient boiler replaced, and today is just the day to make me feel glad of it. The hole where the old boiler used to sit, in our chimney, is covered for the moment by a piece of MDF which bows in and out with the gusts of wind. Then, suddenly, the sun will come out and it’s like September again.

Fecklet and I have been out in rain gear, so he could jump in muddy puddles, and now we’re back eating the bread we made this morning and soup I made from a roast chicken from earlier in the week. After lunch he’ll have a nap (I hope) and I can spend an hour or so banging my head against this behemoth of a book I seem to have written, while the wind continues to blow outside.

It’s very definitely time to send the thing off, as soon as I can. I’m at the stage now where I’m a) bored with it, and b) second-guessing everything I’ve ever written on it. I’m too close to the story and the characters, and while that’s good in a way (I could write and write and write about these people, I know them so well), it’s also keeping me from having any critical perspective at all. I can’t tell what’s good and what isn’t, any more. This is, to me, a sign that it needs to be read by my agent and then my editor, so they can help me understand what I’ve done well and what needs to be improved.

Plus, I’m getting sick of sitting on the couch editing while Fecklet watches Numberjacks.

Of course, I’m really looking forward to being finished now, and when I actually am finished, I will be depressed as hell. Just watch. I’ll be moping and complaining and generally not fun to be with. You can’t fricking win.

On a much brighter side, I’m definitely using lots of the ice cream suggestions you guys gave meā€”this morning I put in Cloud Lime, which was one of Kate’s many strokes of genius. I’ll make a list of the ones I’ve used and post it, once I’m finished.

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  1. Wind and rain all blown themselves out, here. Lovely blue-and-yellow morning.

    Did anyone suggest ‘Caramel Dream’? I’d totally buy that one.


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