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Last week I received my editorial letter and marked-up manuscript from my editor, so I’m spending this week busy revising the Headline Review novel. Which used to be called The Bad Twin, but isn’t any more, and still doesn’t have a new title. Yet.

The revisions aren’t that extensive—it’s more about tweaking little things than any wholescale slaughter, all to do with making things right for the reader. For example, I’m toning down my heroine’s language a bit. She’s a tough-as-nails stunt woman, and when I wrote her, she just came out swearing quite a bit. But my reader doesn’t really need all the cussing; a little bit can go a long way toward showing character, and too much can put the reader off.

My method for revising is to have the ms in front of me, and also the revision letter. As I check each page, I drop it on the floor. As I do each item in the revision letter, I tick it. If there are questions, I mark those up so I can ring my editor about them later.

My editor also suggested I use chapter headings rather than numbers, which is a lot of fun, so I’m adding those as I go, too. And because we’re still thinking about titles, I’m jotting down any ideas that come to me.

Anyway, I’m on page 141 of 516. And hope to get a lot further with it before the end of the day.

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  1. Good luck!

    Chapter headinmgs are cool. Are yours of the “In which Julie learns that Ice Cream is Good for you” variety?


  2. In a book I read recently, all the chapter headings were names of sitcoms, like ‘Nighty Night’ and ‘Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em’. Quite odd, but funny.


  3. No, they’re a bit more cryptic and dramatic. “Joyriding,” “Ice Cream”, “Stairway to Heaven.” Things like that. My editor suggested a lot of them, and I’m putting some of my own in too.


  4. Aw, let the heroine cuss, Mr/s Editor!!


  5. No, my editor is right, Lyvvie. And the heroine does still cuss, just not quite so frequently.

    Thank you for sticking up for me, though! 😀


  6. I am amused by your cussing problem as you were the one a long time ago who told me that really cussing a lot in a book gives a certain impression and that is not necessarily the impression you want.


  7. LOL, that is very true, and I obviously forgot it myself!

    It’s a subtle balance. I think I’ve probably cut about ten instances of swearing in 378 pages. So it’s wasn’t a big problem, just something to think about.


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