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I’ve just had a wonderful weekend with dear friends, the highlight of which was probably having a snowball fight in an ancient henge.

And got back home to find the first review for Nina Jones and the Temple of Gloom, on thebookbag.co.uk. It’s one of those lovely, thoughtful, personal reviews that you get sometimes when the reader has really related to your book and understood what it’s about. Here’s a bit of it:

It’s tricksy in many ways, this book, as you think initially Nina is one of those shallow chick lit heroines who is all shoes…blah blah…shopping…blah blah…London clubbing…blah blah but then you get the feeling that actually, maybe there’s something else going on. And the further you get drawn into the story the more you find that no-one is quite who they seemed to be. Not the crazy bat freak or the struggling father or the happily married couple or Nina. And even places behave differently, so that sunny Spain turns sweaty and sour and a bat watch in Highgate cemetery at dusk sees some rather heated passion amongst the gravestones…

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  1. Well, I can’t wait to read it!


  2. Hee hee hee! 😀


  3. “Chick Lit with brains” How cool is that!


  4. Glad you enjoyed the snow. Congrats on the review.


  5. Can’t wait to read it if I can find it when it comes out. I usually have trouble finding LBD books.


  6. Yes, I love the “chick lit with brains” tag, Jan! 😀

    Thanks, Lara!

    I hope you can find it, Julie. It’s definitely available now, online at Amazon and the Book Depository. Yay!


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