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So did I mention my friend Ruth and I did a photoshoot in a graveyard to promote Nina Jones and the Temple of Gloom?

I’ve posted some of the pictures up on the main website already, and I’ve been using them when touring blogs etc, but I thought I’d post a few here, too.

Julie Cohen in a cemetery

This is my new photo on my front page of my website. I’m holding Ruth’s umbrella. I really want a pink umbrella.

Julie and an angel

It was snowing and I thought she was getting wet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Serious Author

I think this is lovely, gloomy and atmospheric.

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  1. What a gorgeous cemetery. Lovely pics, too ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. It’s a great cemetery on the east side of Reading, at a place called, appropriately enough, Cemetery Junction. It’s a busy place, traffic-wise, with a lot of people living around it. But it’s behind a tall wall, and I think a lot of people don’t know how cool it is.

    I love it there.


  3. Very atmospheric. I love the last one.

    Did you know you can get umbrellas with sparkly lights on the inside?


  4. Very good pics, lighthearted despite the locale. I’ve heard of Cemetery Junction but never been. It looks beautiful, but I’m scared off by the tales of scurrying things that come out at night . Makes me wonder where they are in the day, lol.


  5. Umbrellas with sparkly lights………droooool…..


  6. Shelley, I’m sure there are foxes and rats and feral cats living there, and at one point at least years ago, there was a deer, because I saw it. (I have no idea how that got there.) I also think there are more than a few people who go there to drink and do more unsavoury things.

    During the day, though, it feels quite safe; it’s near the police station and there are usually groundskeepers about. It’s still used as a cemetery. It makes quite a nice walk…though maybe you want to wear boots in case of little furries!

    There are rats everywhere in Reading, though. I see them all the time. The wonderful power of nature…


  7. Hey Julie,

    great pictures! wish I was photogenic!

    As a Cemmy Junction (area) resident I can tell you the little deer live there all the time – I think they’re called Monkjack?

    And my favourite actual Cemmy Junction resident is the amazing Bernard Laurence Hieatt – double world record holder at only 21.



  8. He’s my husband’s favourite resident too, Josh. I love his gravestone, with the motorcyles and his smiling statue. The middle pic with the angel was taken just a few feet from there.

    (For those not in the know, he was an aviator and motorcycle racerโ€”here’s a link:

    I’m glad you’ve seen the deer too, I was wondering if I was deluded. I wonder where they go during the day? There are some thickety bits I suppose.


  9. I have just been on that link. How cool. What a guy. So sad too.
    We have Monkjack living in fields near us. . .they are so damn cute.


  10. They’re muntjac, I think. Sweet little things until they start eating your flowers.

    The umbrellas are here: Beware, this site is a MASSIVE timesuck. It lives up to its name!


  11. Monkjack-muntjac-teenydeer. .


  12. Fab photos, Julie. That last one is really clever.


  13. Ooo the first one is my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚ I now want a pink sparkly umbrella… it’s your fault…


  14. Kate, I do want one of those umbrellas! Though knowing me, I’ll let the batteries run out and just end up with an expensive black umbrella.

    Lara, I thought they were teenydeer too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Jan, Ruth is very clever isn’t she?

    Lacey, I’m now on the perfect pink umbrella hunt!


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