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I meant to put this link up ages ago…a nice interview with me on review site TheBookbag.co.uk, where they noticed that I keep on writing about chefs.

I really must stop writing about chefs.

Then again…

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  1. No, don’t stop writing about chefs. . .I am a couple of chapters into Nina and loving it.

  2. Never enough chefs… LOL!

  3. Am four chapters from end now and still loving it. Could you please write about a chef and chocolate? Or turn ‘Gene Hunt’ into a chef?? Or turn him into chocolate! x

  4. I am with Lara on this one. My next book out in May has a chef in a kilt who specialises in choc tiramisu. I LIKE chefs. Chefs are kewl [ giggle].
    Please write about more chefs…
    we likes them…

  5. I don’t believe I’ve ever written a chef hero. But I have written four assassins. Um.

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