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Okay, this is a VITAL TIP for writers. Are you listening? Do you have a notepad handy to jot it down, in BIG LETTERS so as to remind yourself?

Right. Here it is.

If you happen to take a break from writing in order to dye your hair yourself, don’t, I repeat, DO NOT think about what scene you’re going to write next whilst you’re applying the hair dye to your head.

Because you will not pay proper attention, and you will end up with hair dye all over your neck, which will stain your skin, and you will end up looking like a spotted giraffe.

The internet tells me that toothpaste is the remedy for such a foolish predicament. I’ve tried it, and now I look like a minty fresh giraffe.

And tomorrow I’m going to the Festival of Writing in York to give workshops and Be An Author. How interesting I will appear. I wonder if anyone will offer me a tall tree to gnaw on.

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  1. LOL! (in a nice way) Hope York is good.

  2. Oops.

    I’ll have to remember NEVER to do that.


  3. Enjoy York

  4. I’ve been advised that shampoo with fruit acids in, ie Fructis, is good at washing out dye, as is medicated shampoo (think Vosene!). Scrub, scrub.

    Or bring back the neckerchief as a style statement.

    (ps: what colour?)

  5. Brown. Like the spots on a giraffe.


    Thanks Lara, Nell, Suz, Kate.

  6. Julie,

    Try alcohol – the rubbing kind, not the drinking kind.

  7. I don’t have rubbing alcohol. It will have to be vodka.

  8. OK – the stronger the better…and you will smell so nice!

  9. The things I do for beauty.

  10. I do this ALL THE TIME, and with black dye, no less!

    (Actually, the dye is blue, but the outcome is black. Which is worse!)

    The best thing is to prevent this by applying a 1″-2″ strip of Vaseline just below your hairline. Dye gets on the oil, not the skin, and you just wipe it off in the shower.

    It’s too late for that, though. Maybe next time.

    if you’ve already gotten splotchy, Dawn dish detergent (or I guess any dish detergent, really) works wonders. So does Lava brand soap (might be Solvol over there?), toothpaste, and a paste made from lye soap and cigarette ashes.

    You should avoid any kind of scrub, even facial scrub, because then you’ll be red and splotchy, not skin-colored and splotchy. And people will think you have a weird flesh-eating virus. And then probably avoid you.

    Then again, if you go the lye soap and cigarette ashes route, people will probably avoid you anyway, because of the smell.

  11. I usually do the vaseline thing, Ehle, but I was distracted.

    And I did do the scrub. I was red and splotchy.

    In the end, the vodka worked. Fortunately, as I don’t have lye soap or cigarette ashes.

    Nor dish detergent, actually…which is why I have a sink full of dishes, I guess.

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