as a parent, you just live for these moments of vindication

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Me: Okay, it’s time for a nap now. You’re tired.
Fecklet: No! I’m not tired!
Me: Well, just lie down for a minute and have a rest.
Fecklet: No! I don’t want to lie down! I’m not tired.
Me: But it’s nap time and you’ve had a busy morning.
Fecklet: No.
Me: Fine. We’ll go into town and get some Post-It notes and maybe when we get back you’ll have a nap.
Fecklet: I don’t need a nap!
Me: Okay, put on your jumper please.
Fecklet: No! I’m not cold!
Me: It’s getting chilly out there.
Fecklet: No. I’m warm enough.
Me: All right, suit yourself.

Twenty minutes later in town, Post-Its still unbought:

Fecklet: Mummy, I’m cold and I’m tired.

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  1. Bless.

  2. Yeah, you can say bless, yours are past this age and I bet you have Post-its, too!

  3. Story of my life!!

  4. He did sleep for an hour when we got home, though.

    When can I get “I TOLD YOU SO” tattooed on my forehead?

  5. Julie my heart goes out to you; I have these conversations on a daily basis multiplied by three! In fact I had a similar one today “Mummy, you were right, I did need my coat at lunchtime” *smug mode*
    But sometimes it does actually work the other way, my middle son always complements me before leaving for work on Saturdays. And being told by a young man of four that “Mummy you look beautiful this morning” gives me a positive glow all day…aided by the fact that I’ve not got any of them in tow!

  6. What is it they always say? A jumper is something you have to wear when your mother feels cold? Mine never listen to a word I say, so I return the favour. They could be telling me I’m right – wouldn’t know.

  7. Aw the little hero in training is learning that mummy’s always right 😉

  8. I do find it reassuring that this happens to everyone, Lisa and Jane.

    And Lisa, you’ve reminded me to always pay attention to the compliments, too. Thanks. 🙂

    Lacey, the sooner he learns I’m always right, the better for all of us! It’s a lesson his father learned years ago!

  9. Mine now argue with each other, and I get to be the ref. And yes, I do have Post-it notes, and pens, and index cards, and one day I might even use them 🙂

  10. Julie, this is way too funny. And something that happens with my girls quite often.

    And when I wrote my blog today I thought of you. For someone who usually resists shifting and chopping and such, I’ve sure been doing a lot of it lately. LOL

  11. How long before that dialogue appears in a book?

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