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On Saturday, Brigid and I went to Hampton Court Palace for the day. This was totally research. I’m currently writing about a historical re-enactor, and every day at Hampton Court Palace, historical re-enactors, well, re-enact, Henry VIII’s wedding to Catherine Parr. So I had to go and see what these re-enactors did, how it was organised, how they interacted with their audience, how tongue-in-cheek it all was.

Plus, it was the opportunity to ogle some Tudor dudes. Talking on Twitter beforehand, Brigid and I decided that every time we saw someone in Tudor costume, it was imperative to turn to each other and say, “Yeah, baby!” Because that is, you know, Tudor.

We also agreed we would have to closely inspect any male Tudor calves which came into our vicinity.

First, we helped Catherine Parr select her wedding dress. Although she is not, strictly speaking, a Tudor dude, I got some great ideas for my book just from those twenty minutes.

Me and a Queen

Then, we watched Henry VIII talk over his impending nuptuals with his courtiers. And arm-wrestle said courtiers. This particular activity brought Sir Thomas Seymour‘s calf muscles rather close to Brigid and me. As one, we both bent and snapped a photo.

Tudor calf

After this close inspection we were both rather enamoured of the roguish Sir Thomas and made sure we had our portrait taken with him.

Sir Seymour sandwich

Then we drank a toast to King Henry VIII (“Yeah, baby!”) and his last bride, from the wine fountain in the courtyard. I need me one of those.

Wine fountain! Yeah baby!

I wouldn’t say no to a Tudor dude, either.

Stay tuned for the continuing story of this week’s adventures in the past…

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  1. My goodness, he’s welcome to ravish me any time. There’s something about that costume … *mops brow*

  2. Have updated the post now to include the close-up of Sir Thomas’s manly calf as he was arm wrestling with the king!

    Yeah baby!

  3. Everyone should have a wine fountain! Looks like you had a fun and very productive day – all in the name of research! Good luck with the book 🙂

  4. The sacrifices you make in the name of research…

  5. I know, it is really terrible what I have to go through to ensure accuracy.

  6. It was a tough day out… I don’t know how we managed it. By the way also have the Seymour Sandwich up on my blog!

  7. Oh hold on I forgot something…


  8. Yeah, baby!!

    (Have just, strangely enough, said the exact same thing on your blog.)

  9. Yeah, baby!

    (tag you’re it!)

  10. Oh my. Oh I think I need one of those wine fountains.

    I think I also need to go to Hampton Court Palace. For, you know, research. For, er, a book I’ll be writing at some, er, point in the future. Yeah.

    Yeah baby.

  11. Not fair! No wine fountain when I went to Hampton Court palace!

    Lovely place, though. And going by your photos, it looked like you had great weather. Were the swans out on the river?


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