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I’m working really hard on revising my wip. It’s due in to my editor on 1 November, which means I have to get it to my agent about mid-October. Which means I don’t have much time left, and I’m on page 190 of about 500. Fortunately, the front end needed the most work (new scenes written, large chunks trashed), so hopefully it will go a little bit more quickly now.

I still have a ton of Regency photos to put up here, but an odd quirk of my (new, beautiful, pink) camera means it doesn’t work with the Mac OS I’ve currently got on my desktop, so until I upgrade my OS, I can only download photos onto my laptop, and since I don’t have photo-editing software on my laptop to cut the sizes down, I’ve been downloading them onto my laptop, Bluetoothing them over to my desktop, then editing them and posting them, and it takes AGES. I’ll upgrade my OS soon, but not when I’ve got a 500-page document to work on, urgently.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to revive my short-lived Daily Downey feature, because hey, we all need something to keep us going when we’re working so hard.

Here he is looking all fetal and smokey, vulnerable and sexy:

Meanwhile, my contest is still going on, below.

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  1. Oh bad, smokey, bad,vulnerable, bad, gorgeous man.


    I really do have a bit of a thing for this man, Julie.

    Will be hopping back here lots today for fixes.

    Good luck with the deadline and hideous revisions.



  2. I can put up another tomorrow if you really want me to, Rach. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous man.

    I guess you’ll be chained to the desk for a while, take care of those hands though! We need them for more books 😉

  4. Would you, Julie? I’d really love that!



  5. I am not a Downey fan but you are rapidly converting me. Good luck with the revises!

  6. Oh, don’t you just want to gather him up and rescue him?

  7. I was only just blogging about who I’d cast in my fantasy book-movies. I don’t think I need to ask you who you’d chose for this one…

    (BTW: I lost my camera software years ago, so now I just upload directly from the memory card. Bought a card reader in Tesco, plugged it into the USB on the Mac, and presto, done!)

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