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Here he is, lounging in the back of a convertible. He is about to do something very naughty and quite possibly illegal. Maybe he already has. He has mafia sunglasses and a knowing half-smile. What’s that around his neck? Is it his shirt collar, or iPod earphones, or a thin silken cord that he’s about to use in a variety of interesting ways?


Living in an imaginary world? Who, me?

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  1. This is one of my favourite RDJ photos. And I am happily living in that imaginary world with you 😉

  2. It’s a nice world to be in.

  3. Mmmm…whereas, I think he looks petulant and sneaky, with maybe a hint of stale body odour.

    He also looks like he’s being pleasured in the footwell, so to speak…

  4. Why did I go out for three hours this morning when I could have been staring at HIM?!

    Am squatting here for the rest of the day, if that’s OK. (Squatting as in moving in, not behind a bush. Or in a footwell – *shiver*).

    Love you, Julie,


  5. Feel free to keep posting RD jnr pics as long as you want to – I for one am grateful!

  6. Pleasured in the footwell.

    I’m going to go off and contemplate that for a little while…

  7. The best picture so far. Can I interupt the Downey moments though, and cry out that Johnny blinking Depp is filming at the Naval College where the Summer confernce was. If only we were still all there. Sob.

  8. Hmm, maybe I mean all still there? Not like we’re mad or anything. It’s the sobbing. Sorry.

  9. Truly it is NOT FAIR.

    To console myself, I shall go off and think a little bit more about all the things I could do in that footwell…

  10. Actually I hear that the lovely Mr Downey Jr is also in London at the moment, filming Sherlock Holmes 2.

    I am seriously, seriously tempted to hop on a train to do a little quest for D&D…Downey & Depp.

  11. I KNOW, Lara! I was on phone to lovely Tim yesterday and he commented the JD was OUTSIDE HIS WINDOW!”

    I felt a strong need for a follow-up-conf-visit. I can tell you.

    Anyway, reason RDJ above looks so pleased with life is that I have just left the footwell, so there.

  12. I took that photo.
    I was straddled across his hips at the time ;o)

  13. Wow, this convertible is getting really crowded.

  14. I love the Daily Downeys!

  15. Cor…. (drools)

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