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I interrupt this Robert Downey Jr fest to post a few links, all about me, I’m afraid:

There’s an interview with me up today on the Minxes of Romance, where you can sign up for my newsletter to enter my contest for ARCs of GETTING AWAY WITH IT. If you haven’t already.

QVC presenter and lovely charming lady Debbie Flint has done a blog about my Cornerstones writing commercial women’s fiction course. There’s a video of my post-its, too.

There’s also a good roundup of the content of the course on Lisa Bodenham-Mason’s blog.

I did a guest blog about why CARS is the perfect movie for learning character arc and structure, on The Writing Playground.

There’s a fab review of NINA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF GLOOM on Singletitles.

And as always, don’t forget to check out my fabulous fellow bloggers on The Heroine Addicts.

Me…I’m trying to get this scene right! Agggh!!

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  1. Wow you’re so busy, Julie! Thanks for visiting the Minxes, we always love having you visit!
    I’m missing my daily Downey though (pouts)

  2. hey you! Just wanted to say how impressive your site is, your blogs are, and how much I admire you for all the books you’ve written so far! Just in case you forget how brilliant your achievements are, when you’re in the midst of revision 297!
    Thanks again for a fab time at Cornerstones course!
    hug hug

  3. Thanks to you and the Minxes for having me, Sally.

    Hey, thanks Debbie. I’m having a brand-new website very very soon, which I’ll be shouting about all over. Talk with you soon.

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