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Hmm.  I’m getting a new website which will be live any day now, and in preparation my very efficient web mistress has upgraded my WordPress.  And I’m not 100% sure about posting pictures.  So what better way than to experiment with a weekend Daily Downey?  I watched Sherlock Holmes again last night.

Under this cushion, madam, lies the key to my release.
Under this cushion, madam, lies the key to my release.

Well, that worked, then.

Unlike the previous photo, I don’t recommend this position for getting revisions done. You can’t use your hands to type, for one thing. You could also quite easily become distracted.

On page 364 of 500. Think I can finish by Monday?

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  1. Oh my. Oh very my.


  2. What Jan said.

    I really must watch Sherlock Holmes again.


  3. Yes, it’s really quite scenic.


  4. Ooh, am going to buy Sherlock Holmes in Sainsbury’s TODAY.

    Lots of love,



  5. I just watched SH again too. I am loving the daily Downey. Congrats on the new website – its lovely. Looking forward to the new book. I’ve just ordered a Kindle. Is this coming in Kindle? You could be my very first Kindle book!
    Janet X


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