post-book slump

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I’m posting on The Heroine Addicts today, about how I feel now that my book is finished. (Hint: it’s like a limp and chewed-up noodle.) You can read it here.

I’m not even sure if I can bear to post a photo of Robert Downey Jr. It’s just too depressing. I’m not writing about him any more. I have no more excuses to talk to his photo in the morning. I have to spend my time ringing gas engineers instead, about servicing my boiler and connecting my cooker.

Then again, maybe I can find a gas engineer who looks like this:

Iron Man, or gas engineer?

Connect your cooker? Certainly madam. First, I must put on this big iron mask...

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  1. lol!


  2. Not in my experience, Julie! Vehicle recovery men are a different matter though…

    Lots of love,

    XX P.S. Does this mean I can pinch RDJ for my next hero, then?


  3. Maybe I need to go drive my car into a ditch. That would probably cheer me up no end.

    RDJ is still mine, Rach… 😉


  4. Gah! It was worth a try, I suppose!

    Lots of love anyway,



  5. If your gas man turns up looking like that, send me his number?


  6. Blimey. There have been over twenty workmen in my house this year, and if I added them all together they still wouldn’t have an ounce of RDJ’s appeal.

    Lord, next time an appliance goes on the blink in my house (we’re overdue) can you send someone who looks like that to fix it?


  7. No problem. He’s extra handy because he has his own personal power supply plugged into his chest.


  8. Ahem. My husband just looked at this post and said that it reminds him of a German porn film. “I am the Robert Downey Jr, I have come to plug you in, ya?”


  9. I wouldn’t know anything about German porn, Julie…


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