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I meant to write another post about POV today, but my hands are bothering me and I’m taking a day off the computer. I’ll return tomorrow.

UPDATE: I think it’s best if I take quite several days off, actually. I’ve got loads of questions about POV to discuss and a newsletter to send out too, but it will probably have to wait till later in the week, or maybe next week. Sorry for those who have sent in questions; I feel really bad but the hands say NO.

Meanwhile, you could always come and ask your questions in person, over a glass of wine, at Reading Library next Tuesday the 16th. Details are here.

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  1. Poor you! Yes, take it easy, Julie. How about nipping out for a copy of GQ magazine? It’s a Robert Downey JR special – no hands required -turn pages with spoon. Or tongue …



  2. I went to see Due Date. 90 minutes of RDJ getting beat up. & popcorn. Niiiiiiice.


  3. Take care of those hands, you need them to hold your wine glass 😉


  4. Hope your hands get better soon, so you can carry on writing. I really enjoyed the workshop you did for the SE chapter meeting the other week. What was pointed out about my 100 words I will mention to the agent next week when I see her.


  5. I hope your hands feel better! I know how painful that can be! Too bad I don’t live in your area or I’d love to stop by for the event!


  6. Ouch! Is that RSI?

    All being well, I’ll see you at Reading Library.



  7. Thanks, Lacey and Julie and Jen and Jan. They seem better today. I’m taking the day off and going shopping tomorrow to see if that helps. 😉


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