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Sign up for the 2011 Stephen King reading challenge on Book Chick City and indulge your love for prolific best-selling story tellers from Maine. His grandmother lived next to my aunt, you know. Apparently Pet Semetary was set in her back yard. Really. My aunt never saw any zombie cats, though.

You can win a copy of every Little Black Dress novel published in 2010 (including, ahem, Nina Jones and the Temple of Gloom) on Chick Lit Reviews.

For the past few days, I’ve been enjoying compiling an Amazon wish list, just in case someone, y’know, wants to buy me books for Christmas. So far I’ve put on some Georgette Heyer, some Marion Keyes and the last two Dexter novels, which isn’t a lot, but I don’t want to be too overwhelming. Oh, who am I kidding? I haven’t put more on the list because I got interrupted by my kid, who for some reason wants me to play with him every once in a while.

What books do you want for Christmas? Or indeed, Hanukah, though you’ll have to hurry if it’s for Hanukah, because it’s nearly over already.

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  1. I had quite a substantial wish list on amazon, but have slowly managed to cull a few items, as I got them on Kindle. I know I’ve still got an Erica James book on there, but I’ve also got Audio CDs of Stephen Fry’s ‘Fry’s English Delight’ series, waiting for me. It’s all about the English language and how we use puns and poetry and the etymology of words, etc. I love all that sort of stuff and Stephen delivers it brilliantly. Great for a road trip, if you don’t want to be singing the music from Lion King anymore.

  2. Way too many, apperntly. Including Sue Moorcroft and Kate Atkinson.

  3. Thanks for the shout out about the comp Julie!! x

  4. I think I would love that Stephen Fry book, Nicolette!

    Lara, I’m physically restraining myself from adding more books to my list right now. Agh!

    Chloe, you’re very welcome. I hope you get lots of entries.

  5. Darn kids, I thought you just stood them in the corner until they were old enough to take care of me 😉 Great King story, I’m disappointed about the zombie cats though 😛

    • We’re all disappointed about the zombie cats.

  6. I’ve got the first one, but there’s two more series, so lots of Stephen left to go around!

  7. (Have just come back to change my blog link. Sorry.)

  8. Hey all,

    I hope every body has a great Christmas and a happy New Year

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