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I interrupt my usual mindless chatter about shopping and gorgeous men to mention some things about the Festival of Writing 2011, at the University of York from 25-27 March.

I participated in this festival last year, when it was just starting up, and I was so impressed that I immediately told the organisers that if they’d like me back next year, I’d love to come. Fortunately, they invited me to come again, so I’m really looking forward to being there this March.

The Festival is a chance for writers to meet other writers, published and unpublished. You can also meet with agents and editors, and hear a wide variety of publishing professionals speaking and giving workshops. Aside from the formal events, there are some great opportunities for networking. There are also “Book Doctor” sessions, and one-to-one sessions with agents and editors, to give you a chance to pitch your work, or have it constructively criticised.

This year, the keynote speakers are author David Nobbs, agent Carole Blake, and publisher Patrick Janson-Smith, and there are workshops on every aspect of writing, from craft to genre to writers’ life to getting published. Writers Workshop are will be offering “next steps” free to three writers at the Festival who are talent spotted. The writers will be offered a free manuscript critique, free coaching or a free manuscript appraisal from Harry Bingham. Harper Collins Authonomy are supporting Authonomy Live talentcontest on Friday evening, with editor Patrick Janson-Smith on the panel. Last year’s winner, Shelley Harris, was offered representation by four literary agents in the room, and then went on to achieve a five-figure book deal.

I’ll be giving two workshops: an advanced-level workshop on Pacing (during which the Post-It notes will be out) and a joint workshop on Writing Romantic Comedy, with author Jane Lovering. I’m doing one-to-ones, too, but I believe they’re all booked already.

Bookings are still open. If you’re interested in learning more, visit the website at www.festivalofwriting.com.

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  1. So want to go.


  2. Julie feel obliged to tell you about a very nice picture of the Downey on the Tote Bags and Blogs website posted by Natalie Anderson. Handsome, handsome, handsome. And Grrrrr……Ricky Gervais, NOT funny, Leave the Downey alone!


  3. […] http://www.julie-cohen.com/blog/2011/01/18/2105/ The ‘Pacing’ workshop by Julie Cohen was great. I definitely need to ensure that hooks are in place and the pace is correctly applied to tempt the reader to turn the page. […]


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