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I’ve been on the phone and email today confirming things for World Book Night. As I mentioned earlier, as part of a scheme to give out one million free books in the UK, I’ve been chosen to give out 48 copies of RACHEL’S HOLIDAY by Marian Keyes, which is one of my favourite books ever.

I’ll probably come back to this later and talk about it more, but when I saw that RACHEL’S HOLIDAY was one of the books on the list for World Book Night, I immediately applied to be a giver. See, I think it’s a marvellous book. But I also think that it’s a good example of what women’s commercial fiction can do. It’s an effortless read which is also emotional, a happy ending that can give hope, funny and sad and true. It’s a few hours of escape, a step into someone else’s life and feelings. (And it has hero Luke Costello, who is one of the sexiest men ever to wear leather trousers.)

And I started thinking about the times in my life that I’ve needed an escape like that. I thought about lying in bed in the Royal Berkshire Hospital, having lost a pregnancy, reading romance novel after romance novel. I thought about sitting on the plane to see my dying grandmother, reading another Keyes novel. I thought about times I’ve been tired, sick, stressed out, sad. When feelgood books have been my best friends.

I wanted to give a few hours’ escape to people who could use it.

Today I’ve had it confirmed that I’m allowed to give out books at the ward in the Royal Berkshire Hospital where I was treated for my own miscarriage. I’ve also been given permission to give out books at the Duchess of Kent House hospice, where a friend and fellow writer spent his last days. I’ve also been in touch with Reading Libraries (who are also giving out books and holding events for reading groups), and local media to try to get coverage of the event.

I’m getting pretty excited. Will keep you updated.

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  1. That’s wonderful, Julie x

    • Thanks, Kirsty. I know you’re all Keyes fans too. And thanks for the RT.

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  3. Julie, that’s wonderful. I’m in awe of you.

  4. That’s really amazing Julie. I can’t wait for the updates.

    • Thank you, Anna and Lacey. I need to find someone to take pictures…

  5. Wow, that’s so cool. I was just talking about Rachel’s Holiday with someone the other day. The fact that Marian Keyes can talk about so many dark themes and do it such a light way is such a tribute to her skills.

    • I know, she is a GODDESS. Talented lady. Brave, too.

  6. So brilliant and you made weepy at the thought.

  7. That’s really cool. Sounds very worthwhile. Am sure all involved will have fun.

  8. Thanks Liz and Nicolette.

  9. This sounds like a wonderful example of how World Book Night is going to work really well. Excellent choice of locations and reasons for giving.

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