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I’m having quite a pleasant day today. My first task this morning is to write the acknowledgements for my next novel, which I now know will be called THE SUMMER OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY. I know that some people don’t like acknowledgements, but I love them. I always, always read them in books. It makes me feel like I have a little glimpse into the author’s life and the sort of thing she did to produce the book.

Anyway, for me, it’s fun because I did quite a bit of research for this book and I had a really good time doing it, and writing the acknowledgements makes me remember.

This afternoon, I’m going up to London to Headline for a fun meeting with some book bloggers. I think this is fantastic. Book bloggers are really valuable for us authors, because they create that holy grail that we all want: word of mouth. They love to chat about books and reading (and quite often writing too), and since they do all of this usually in their spare time, it’s all motivated by a pure love of reading. When you find a book blogger who has the same taste as you, it’s like finding a treasure trove of book recommendations; I’ve picked up quite a few books after seeing them on Chick Lit Reviews or High Heels and Book Deals, and I love talking comics with Liz from My Favourite Books.

So it’s a day of thanks for me—all the people who helped me with my research, and to fellow readers. Plus, I get to slap on a dress and some nice shoes. Result!

Do you have a favourite book blogger, whose recommendations you follow?

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  1. Have a lovely time. I love acknowledgements too, I like to thank the people who’ve supported, inspired and helped when.

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