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Hanging out on the beach in Roxbury, Maine, shooting my neighbour Steve Griffin’s homemade potato gun.

It’s powered by Aqua-Net and Maine’s Finest. Man, that thing can shoot a potato.

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  1. Love it !

  2. I *so* want to come on holiday with you! Can you bring the gun home? 😉

  3. Now that I could do with at work!!

  4. Now that’s something every girl needs. Love it!

  5. Lordy! They shoot *whole* spuds out there?! That gun is awesome. I know a little man not too far from me who’d really like a go at that. We’d have no windows left, mind.

  6. Great photo. So apart from fun, the purpose of a potato gun is…?

  7. Well, my neighbour uses it to discourage geese from walking around on his beach. I couldn’t possibly comment on any other uses.

  8. Nice picture of you at camp. Man, I miss that place. But we had to sell it. oh well. Funny how life works out, huh. It does go on though. Hearing about you talking about catching frogs and cribbage, brings back memories. How are your parents doing? And Matt? I bet his kids are getting bigger.

  9. We’ve been known to construct the same sort of thing from apple juice cans and duct tape, and then fire a “ball” made out of duct tape. Ain’t it great?


  10. […] met Electra Shepherd this past summer, in the middle of Hurricane Irene. My family was holed up in our cabin on the shore of Roxbury Pond in western Maine. The wind was howling, the trees were swaying, the pond was rising, the roads were […]

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