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Today is the day that THE SUMMER OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY is out in hardback! It’s always a wonderful and terrifying day when your book, which has only previously been read by yourself, your agent, and various important people at your publisher, goes out into the big wild world and gets read by readers.

I’m celebrating over at The Heroine Addicts with a big party with lots of men in tight breeches (and also a giveaway of a copy)…so high-tail it over there if you want a piece of the breeches—er, I mean a piece of the action.

Over here on my own blog, I will celebrate by sharing a picture of the inspiration for the hero of this book.

Happy sigh.

And as well as having some lovely eye candy around, my house also smells gorgeous because my publishers sent me these beautiful flowers:

Bigger happy sigh.

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  1. What stunning flowers! And your cover is a perfect colour match to the title. Happy sighs all around.
    Have a frabjous day. Nina x


  2. No? It can’t be? That wouldn’t be Robert Downey Jr by any chance???!!

    Love the cover of the new book, can’t wait to read it!


  3. I know, it’s a shocker that I might fancy Robert Downey Jr huh? I’m sure no one would have ever suspected it, after all those Daily Downeys.

    Thanks Susan and Nina. It’s a day for enjoying having worked hard!


  4. Congratulations!!!!


  5. Congratulations sweetheart.I know the new book will be smashing success!


  6. Awww….. Gorgeous! Your dad posted!


  7. Congrats Julie! It’s so pretty!
    Have just added it to my Christmas list. :O)


  8. Congratulations Julie! I’ll look forward to reading this one day! 🙂


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