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Have you ever had a cheese string? You know, that processed cheese stuff that’s individually packaged for kids’ lunch boxes? Fecklet has some and I just tried one. They’re really really good. Just saying. You should try one. Don’t steal it from a kid or anything, but if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, pop round and I’ll give you a cheese string.

All in all, I’m having a pretty good week, having sold a short story and a novella…and it’s only Thursday! I’m also pimping myself a bit around the web, and in real life:

There’s a 75-word paragraph from my story ‘The Black Sheep’ on Paragraph Planet (it’s archived now, alas, but it was there!), and also an interview with me there.

My recipe for cranberry nut bread, and a giveaway of Getting Away With It, are on Chick Lit Central.

On Saturday 10th December, I’ll be signing copies of my books at the Local Author Fair at Reading Central Library, Abbey Square, Reading. The fair runs from 10 til 4 but I will probably only be there till 1.30 or so. I’ll have copies of my new hardback, The Summer of Living Dangerously, and also pretty much my entire backlist for sale, including my Mills & Boon stuff. There are lots of authors there so it’s a great place to pick up Christmas gifts.

On Sunday 11th December, I’ll be signing my books again, this time at Windsor Waterstones, on Peascod Street in Windsor. They’ll have my latest hardback, The Summer of Living Dangerously, plus Getting Away With It, Girl from Mars, and some of my others. That’ll be from around 11ish till 4ish.

I’ve done some little drawings for Christmas cards to give away at the signings, with the web address of my free Christmas read, ‘The Black Sheep’. I think he’s sort of cute. Though not as surprisingly delicious as a cheese string.

Click on his cute little miserable face to read the story.

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  1. lovely, nice writing and when I am freed from tome for good I’ll be reading the books!

    • “Freed from tome” sounds so weighty and wonderful, Carol.

  2. Glad to see you are still drawing ;-D

    • Ah. There is nothing quite so scary as one’s former art teacher seeing one’s little silly cartoons.

  3. I adore cheese strings. Thank goodness for my kids; I would never have discovered the sheer yumminess of cheese strings other than for the Gingers. Congrats on novella and ss too.

    • Thanks, Laura. Kids’ food is pretty yummy actually. I love that full-fat kids’ fromage frais…

  4. Love the cartoon and enjoying the story.

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