RIP Davy Jones

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There’s a shortage of perfect short men in the world. We just lost another one.

I owe at least some of my career to Davy Jones. I perfected the art of writing a sex scene at the age of sixteen or so whilst writing steamy stories about Davy Jones and my best friend, Kathy Love, when I was supposed to be doing my chemistry coursework. I have described Davy Jones naked many, many times. Also George Harrison, who Kathy also fancied. And Donnie Wahlberg, but we won’t go there.

It’s probably a good thing I never met him in real life. The Rock God has, though. He bought Davy a beer. Apparently Mr Jones was very gracious.

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  1. I just heard. I’m heartbroken. My very first crush, gone. The hours and hours I adored Davy and you adored Peter. It really is very sad. And 66 isn’t that old. Sadness. 🙁

    • I remember you used to write odes to his eyebrows.

  2. I just found out too…thanks for doing an obit, he was my fave monkee too

  3. Just read the news…so sad…a bit of my childhood has gone.

  4. Very sad. :0(

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