The Summer of Living Dangerously

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The Summer of Living Dangerously
Today is World Book Day and it’s also the day my brand-new paperback hits the shelves.

I don’t usually wallow in my achievements (in fact usually I am neurotically wondering if they are achievements at all) but today I am going to blatantly share the nice things that people have said about my book. Then I am going into town and I am going to buy myself a large slice of cake and a very frothy coffee in my favourite cafe.

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‘Reader, prepared to be charmed … to cry a little … and laugh a lot. Julie Cohen’s pen dances gracefully over the page in what is on the surface a delightful romp, but which packs an emotional punch that most romantic comedies fail to deliver. It takes great skill to marry both light and dark, but Julie manages this seamlessly and with a deftness of touch that will keep you reading till the very last page. Enchanting.’ — Bestselling women’s fiction author Veronica Henry

‘The flirtation with the Regency world is delightful fun, but that’s also the frame for a moving and deeply satisfying love story. A rich feast.’ —Internationally bestselling historical romance author Jo Beverley

‘Wonderful…moving and heartbreaking and funny and real.’ —Internationally bestselling YA author L.A. Weatherly

‘Loved it! …Made me laugh out loud – a feat usually reserved for Georgette [Heyer]‘—Heyer biographer Dr Jennifer Kloester

‘Total bliss from first page to last; full of nostalgia, bittersweet romance and men in tight breeches. The kind of book you can’t stop reading but don’t want to finish. I loved it.’ —Award winning romance author India Grey

‘The Summer of Living Dangerously captures all of the witty, elegant and dashing style of the Regency era and wraps it in a delicious contemporary novel.’ —Bestselling historical novelist Nicola Cornick

‘Heart-warming, moving, romantic – this is a Regency-come-modern day love story that I just did not want to put down!’The Bookbag

“This book was everything I love in a contemporary women’s fiction novel…Just plunge straight in and let the plot wash over you and swallow you up. This is Julie’s best book yet. She just keeps getting better and better.’ —reviewer Helen Redfern


You can read an excerpt here, and you can order it from Amazon in paperback here and for Kindle here and, I am reasonably assured, for US Kindle here.

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  1. Heading to Amazon now!

    Mega good luck for it 🙂

  2. Happy Release day!!

  3. Wow! How can I not want to read it with endorsements like that!

    Congrats, Julie. Happy release day!

    • I know…Some seriously cool people have read this book and I haven’t even bribed them! (much)

  4. Happy release day, Julie!

  5. Wonderful reviews!! Congrats, Julie.

    • Thank you Joyce! You’ve got this to come…

  6. Congratulations on the book being released! I’m really looking forward to reading this!

  7. Congratulations, dearest!

    I’d really, really like to read this one. Do you know how those of us across the pond can get their hands on it without it costing a small fortune? (I don’t have a Kindle, either, I’m afraid. 😛 )

    Bravo, however!


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