National Readers’ Choice Awards

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I’m thrilled to announce that THE SUMMER OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY has been shortlisted for the Novel with Strong Romantic Elements category of the Romance Writers of America’s National Readers’ Choice Awards, run by the Oklahoma chapter of the RWA.

What’s even better is that my dear friend and amazing writer Susanna Kearsley has also been shortlisted in my category, with her novel THE ROSE GARDEN.

Susanna and I have decided to settle this matter in the only honourable way: by drinking tequila shots.

We may be some time.

(The winners will, in fact, be announced in California on at the RWA National Conference in July. My Harlequin buddies Donna Alward and Christyne Butler have been shortlisted too in their category. They may, or may not, also be having a tequila duel.)

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  1. Hit me! (And congratulations. Such an awesome book).


  2. Hit me! (And congratulations to you too. I’m one of your biggest fans.)


  3. Well, I’m pulling for you [no offense intended, Susanna]!!
    Love, Mom


  4. YAY!! I think I’ll have to join the tequila duel as I’m supporting you both. Hit me!


  5. I think Mom should pour the shots. *offers round the lemons*


  6. Wonderful! Rooting for you.


  7. No tequila for me, I can’t stand the stuff! I’ll toast you both tonight though, if that’s okay? There’s a bottle of red with my name on it.

    And Hi to Julie’s Mom! I hope you know what an awesome kid you raised. 🙂


  8. Congratulations Julie! 🙂

    I’ll be rooting for you!


  9. Congratulations! I’ll have a bottle of Port ready for the celebration!


  10. yep, chocolate orange port, and it’s pretty darn good. see you this summer?


  11. Very proud of you! Anxious to read the new book. Hope you win.
    Love Dad


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