crows, always the crows

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Super Editor has my book. Super Editor is reading my book. Soon, Super Editor will send me edits for my book.

Any author who tells you this is not shit-scary: they are LYING.

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  1. They lie through their teeth. Hope Super Editor sends lovely edits, and soooonnnn!

  2. My last book went to Super Editor and I was the mst relaxed I’ve ever been about a book. I had NO edits for the first time ever and guess what? I worried about *not* having edits… and started tinkering with the ms again, myself anyway. You can’t win but your book is brilliant, I am 100% certain on your behalf, Julie and will be very well received. 🙂

  3. Yep, terrifying. And you always think of a million and one things you should have done to it, too. I just want to go straight to the bit where I’ve got the book in my hand!

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