Sex on The Write Lines

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I was honoured to be a guest on Sue Cook’s podcast, The Write Lines, talking about making a career as a writer, along with super-writers and teachers Nicola Morgan and Sue Moorcroft. We talked about how we got published, the publishing world right now, and what you can do as a writer to make sense of it all.

(We also talked about inappropriate uses for Dyson hand driers but I don’t think that made the edit cut!)

Here’s a snippet of me, talking about (what else) my top tip for writing a sex scene.

The new series of The Write Lines will be available from www.thewritelines.co.uk from Monday October 29th and our programme will be released on Monday November 5th and you can follow all of us on Twitter: @SueCook, @nicolamorgan, @SueMoorcroft and @julie_cohen.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear the programmes!

  2. Neither can I!

  3. good point about lots of different writing that one might be uncomphy with. this brief piece of advice will cross my mind the next time my characters get physical.

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