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My lovely publicist at Transworld (@LynseyDalladay) has just tweeted a photograph of a proof copy of DEAR THING, which they are sending out to press and bloggers now ahead of its hardback publication in April. Looky-looky:


I’m completely blown away by this. It’s like this letter, to Dear Thing, which I wrote as part of the book, which was the first part of this book I wrote in fact (and which is on page 1 of the book by the way), has been put into handwriting and put on the cover and now it is real, a real letter, which one of my characters really wrote. I can see my character writing it, in blue ink, on white paper. It’s quite an extraordinary feeling for me. It feels as if my imagination has come to life.

It’s also pretty extraordinary to feel that this book, which has been such a journey for me, is on its way to readers. Which is how a writer’s imagination really comes to life.

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