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cake book selfie contest

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DT final pb cover copy smallThis week, DEAR THING is Richard and Judy’s featured book and it is on sale across the land in every WHSmith you can imagine. To celebrate, I’m having a social media contest, with a prize for everyone who enters!

Of course, it focuses on cake. There is quite a bit of cake in Dear Thing, and Helen Redfern of Novelicious even made up a recipe for one of them, which you can find here (it is AMAZING). So here’s the deal:

All you have to do is take a selfie of you and a copy of DEAR THING. I don’t care if you’ve bought it, or borrowed it, or if you’ve found it in a shop, or if you’ve got it from your local library. (Please don’t steal it.)

So take a selfie of you and the book and post it, on Twitter or on Facebook or on one of your own sites. Make sure I can see it, by tagging me on Facebook or putting @julie_cohen on Twitter or posting the link here. (You have to be okay with me sharing your photograph, please, because I will retweet or make a collage afterwards.)

If you do this, I will send you a link to a super-secret part of my website. This will have a CAKE RECIPE on it.

Everyone who posts a selfie will be entered into a draw to win a baking set! It is pink, and it has measuring bowls and measuring spoons and flower-shaped cookie cutters and a little cutting board.

(The baking set can only go to someone in the UK, I’m afraid. But I will still send you the recipe no matter where you are.)

So get snapping and get posting! The recipe is for CHOCOLATE VINEGAR CUPCAKES WITH CHOCOLATE BUTTERCREAM and it is what I baked when I won first prize in the PTA bake-off last year. If you bake them, you are guaranteed to be super popular. I promise.

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16118443DEAR THING is out in hardback today! And to celebrate, I’ll be giving away two signed hardback copies of the book, along with a copy of Claire’s lemon drizzle cake recipe. (Which is seriously yummy. Claire makes good cakes.)

One giveaway is on Twitter. All you have to do is tweet who your dearest thing is…the person you love the most right at this very moment…with the hash tag #dearthing. I’ll choose a winner at end of day today.

The other giveaway is for my newsletter subscribers. If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you don’t have to do a thing. I’ll choose a winner and email them tomorrow. If you’re not a newsletter subscriber, all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter today, by filling in the handy form on the right of this page here. —————–>

Both contests end at midnight tonight, 11 April 2013. Winners will be chosen at random.

Here’s what the novel is about, and one or two early reviews:

This is the story of Claire and Ben, who are perfectly in love – in fact, who are seemingly perfect in almost every way. Except one. They can’t have a baby.

It’s also the story of Ben’s best friend Romily, who after years of watching Ben and Claire suffer, offers to have a baby for them.

But being pregnant stirs up all kinds of feelings in Romily – feelings she’d rather keep buried, but can’t. Now there are two mothers – and one baby who belongs to both of them, and which only one of them can keep.

Thought-provoking, heart-rending but ultimately uplifting, Dear Thing is a book you won’t be able to put down, until you pass it on to your best friends.


Dear Thing is an emotional read, as it covers guilt, love, hidden feelings, jealously, sorrow and hope among many others. It is a complex novel with many layers to unravel and devour, and it is a truly gripping read that will have you turning the pages desperate to know what is going to happen next. —Reading in the Sunshine

I loved the writing style, the plot and the characters and would recommend this to fans of Jojo Moyes and Lisa Jewell. —Random Things Through My Letterbox

‘A compelling, fascinating and deeply affecting tale of two mothers, and a baby that only one of them can keep. Julie Cohen is an expert at making you care about her characters, and feel every nuance of emotion as they do. A truly brilliant writer who kept me gripped until the end.’ —Rowan Coleman

‘A gripping reading experience, where one is compelled to unravel the results. The emotional reality for each character is beautifully drawn…Vivid and psychologically convincing’ —We Love This Book

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The winners of a copy of my latest German release, MIT DEN AUGEN MEINER SCHWESTER, are Jennifer, Karina Hoppe, and @linshealy (on Twitter).

Thank you for all the lovely messages, in German and in English, for my mother! She really enjoyed them.

I’m thrilled that my German publisher, Diana, will also be publishing my next book, DEAR THING, in Germany. A bit of wonderful news to start out the week!

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caption winners

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And the winner of the caption contest is:

Parkysan, for the caption ‘This new herbal tea has an interesting tang to it, although maybe it will improve when these blue sugar lumps finally dissolve’.

Honourable mentions go to two chicks called Valerie. Valerie Parv wrote a limerick:

‘There once was a stainless steel urn
Put where men would come for their turn,
So they lifted the lid,
And did what they did,
Next time hope the signwriters learn.’

And Valerie wrote the only caption that made me snort my tea, it was so gloriously disgusting:

‘When Bob saw the toilet facilities at the village hall, he was glad he’d pissed behind his sofa before coming.’

Thank you all for being so gross. I appreciate it. We’ll be back to non-urine-related topics tomorrow.

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caption contest

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I will send a signed copy of any one of my novels to the person who posts the best caption to this photo, below. Note the yellow sign.

...your caption here...

Or, if you prefer, write a little story. Or a poem. Or express yourself in the medium of dance, and attach a little video. Anything goes; the picture was just too good not to share.





a little contest on Trashionista

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Female fiction website Trashionista is giving away a paperback copy of GETTING AWAY WITH IT. Check it out here.





good news and worry

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I’ve had two bits of exciting news. The first is about a contest that’s going to be running in conjunction with the paperback publication of GETTING AWAY WITH IT, next month. A reader can win a really lovely and fun prize and I can’t wait to be able to share the details.

The other exciting news is that I’ve been selected as a book giver for World Book Night. What this basically means is that I, and 20,000 other people, will be giving out a million books for free on the 5th of March. I’ve been selected to give out 48 copies of one of my favourite books ever, RACHEL’S HOLIDAY by Marian Keyes. Right now I’m still planning where to give them out, but I have a few ideas and I’ll blog about it closer to the time.

The other news is not quite so exciting. You may remember the Cancelled Christmas? Well, Fecklet and I are supposed to fly to the US tomorrow, to have our replacement Christmas. Except that the US is being hit by what they’re calling a “historic” storm. We have no idea right now whether we’ll be even taking off or not.

Anyway. I’ll keep you updated but please keep your fingers crossed for us.





12-Point Guide winner

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The winner of a copy of the brand-new edition of Kate Walker’s 12-Point Guide to Writing Romance is Jessica Bull (who entered the contest via Facebook).

Congratulations Jessica! And thank you to everyone who entered, and everyone who recommended books for a writer’s library. I can see I need to make a new shopping list…


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