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I just emailed the revised draft of One Night Stand to my editor, whom I will be seeing at the Romantic Novelists’ Association awards luncheon at the Savoy tomorrow.

Terrified? Me? Never.

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I’m too tired to write tonight; have managed 453 words, most of that written in the John Lewis cafe while Fecklet napped in his pushchair. The John Lewis cafe is one of my new writing venues because it is merely a shop floor away from a nursing lounge and a baby changing room. However, it doesn’t do decaf lattes so it is far from ideal.

(Ah, what a change from ten years ago, when my quest was to find a cafe that didn’t mind my chain-smoking Silk Cuts while marking GCSE coursework.)

I’m having pacing problems with this book. For one thing, it’s just slightly longer than my usual books, so I have to adjust my mental measuring stick a little, and I’m not exactly sure how much. I sort of figure I’ll finish the book and then add or subtract.

For another, I’m trying to fit the character arc into the timings dictated by several plot factors: my heroine is pregnant and this book covers the nine months from conception to birth; she is writing a book and the book covers the time from writing to publication; there are a few other things that secondary characters do that either seem to take too much time or too little. I have one plot strand that I cannot figure out what to do with, because I don’t want to wind it up too quickly, but I don’t want it to take up too much space, either.

And of course I have the problem that I’m writing in first person, so the hero’s character arc has to be shown from the heroine’s point of view, and so I can’t go so much into it, and so it’s not quite as easy to make up the word count by exploring his side of things.

Anyway. The crows of doubt are present, but not really looming. It’s more like they’re hanging out in some nearby trees in case they’re needed.


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