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a good day and Valentine’s books

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Actually yesterday I was being unnecessarily whiney. It was a good day. Fecklet was at his child minder’s so I had the entire afternoon to fail to write, and I managed to scrub the bathroom, do two loads of laundry, descale the shower as previously mentioned, catch up on promo, package up some books to send, and go for a long walk along the river Kennet (a path I write about in One Night Stand, and which I last walked when I was nine months pregnant).

And eventually I also wrote 1500 words.

As tomorrow is the beginning of February, the month of Valentine’s Day and all things love, there is lots of exciting stuff going on in romance world. I’ve got two massive parties to go to next week–the RNA Awards lunch on Monday and Mills & Boon’s 100th Anniversary on Thursday. Plus, there are media promos everywhere and some fantastic book giveaways at the moment, too.

I’ll be blogging about a really big one tomorrow (a Modern Heat treasure hunt! Avast! she says in fake pirate-style). But one that starts even sooner than tomorrow, due to the Australian time difference, is Nicola Marsh‘s Be My Valentine competition.

Be My Valentine

She has fourteen romance authors guest blogging on her site every day, each one with a book to give away. (I’ll be up on the 9th, and the other authors are like a who’s who of romance–Liz Fielding, Jill Shalvis, Lucy Monroe, Anna Campbell, Kate Walker, Nalini Singh, Bronwyn Jameson, Jaci Burton, Fiona Lowe, Christine Wells, Yvonne Lindsay, Barbara Hannay and Kate Hardy–whoa!)

And then, on the 14th, she will be giving away a big Valentine treat of 14 books.

Go over to her blog to see the rules, and I hope to see you there.





tabloid news flash!

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It’s there! In the Sun! On page 30! Next to a photo of a dog in a bullet-proof vest!

Life is a little surreal sometimes.

(photo to follow)





Sun Sun Sun

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Okay, so my lovely editor has returned from her holidays and I’ve found out what happened with The Sun. Apparently there was some warehousing mix-up.

ANYWAY it’s going ahead this weekend, which I think means this Saturday 2 June there will be a free copy of Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak for every reader of The Sun!

Thank you everyone who bought The Sun, especially if you normally don’t. I hope you enjoyed it so much that you’ll rush right out and buy another one this weekend!





Sun tomorrow!

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Sun tomorrow, Sun tomorrow, Sun tomorrow!!!!!


(P.S. Love the six-word novels. It’s going to be hard to choose a winner. Please keep them coming!)





writers’ day

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Our local writing group, Reading Writers, is having a Writers’ Day today so Fecklet and I are going along. Workshops, speakers, and competitions, food and drink and conversation.

One of the competitions is to write an entire novel in six words. We’re putting them up and judging them anonymously. I’m assuming nobody from the group is going to check my blog before they go, so this is my entry:

No arms, no legs–five wives.

I think I’ll do a similar contest next week for a copy of All Work and No Play… so hone your short writing skills!

It will be the first time Fecklet’s eaten solid food in public. I’ve made him some apple puree for the occasion and I hope we don’t ruin the church hall.

It should be a good day.

Psst–Only ONE MORE WEEK until the Sun is giving away my book!!!





more reading

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Finished the Capote while the Fecklet napped…very good indeed. Next on the list is either Mr Knightley’s Diary, by Amanda Grange, or She’ll Take It, a Little Black Dress by Mary Carter.

Fecklet squirms when he nurses these days, so I’m not doing as much reading as I’d like to, and when I do, it’s preferably a book I can hold in one hand. I read a big, hardback copy of Lisey’s Story by Stephen King last week and I nearly gave it up, because it was slow to start and the book was so darn big I had to do some engineering work with pillows in order to read it. I stuck with it, just because it was Stephen King and I would read the phone book if Stephen King wrote it, but it was a struggle.

It was a mixed bag, as most of Stephen King’s recent books have been for me: I was completely gripped, I loved the thoroughness of his worldbuilding, and I liked very much the insight into how he sees a writer’s life (the heroine is the widow of a famous writer). But the character motivations were a little bit weak at a key point; the heroine’s sister, who was meant to provide a lot of motivation, was sloppily drawn; and the ending was slightly damp.

I wholeheartedly love some King books: Carrie, The Shining, The Talisman and Black House, and Misery which I love, love, love. And the rest of his books linger in my mind for a long time. So I’ll always read a book of his, even if it’s not portable.

On another topic, there are only eight more days until The Sun and Asda are giving away Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak, FREE!





extremely cool news!!!

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Two weeks from today, on Saturday 26 May, the Sun newspaper will be giving away a FREE COPY of my book Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak, to every reader.

I think they’re printing a voucher in the paper and if you go along to Asda you can pick up your free copy.


I’m very very excited about this and will be posting regular reminders.


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