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playing at the Playground

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It’s release day! Yay yay yay yay yay!!!

I’m guest blogging on the Writing Playground today, talking about GEEKS. More specifically, about my own geek credentials, which are many.

I’m also giving away a signed copy of Girl from Mars there, so come play!

Don’t forget my little fun giveaway in the post below (buried under all the stuff about my characters)!





we write romance

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I’m guest blogging on We Write Romance today, as part of their Women’s Fiction Authors’ Blogathon. My post is about moving from writing category romance to bigger women’s fiction books, and how for me, it feels like going from riding a roller coaster to journeying on a winding road through the mountains.

If you’ve got time, please pop over and say hi!

It would be interesting to hear your opinions about category romance vs. single title or women’s fiction novels, and whether you agree with me on the place of Klingons in both. 😉

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chickens in the bloggies

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My friend Suzanne McMinn’s blog, Chickens in the Road, is a nominee in the 2009 Bloggie Awards. This is the Oscars of the blogging world.

Suzanne’s the only romance author to ever final in the Bloggies. Her blog is a warm, wonderful account of living on a farm. It’s also totally addictive. It’s in the “Best-Kept Secret” category.

If you get a chance, check out her blog. And, if you like, visit the Bloggies site and cast your vote for the best blogs around. You might see several of your favourites there. (On my browser, at least, it works by scrolling sideways rather than up and down.)





if only I looked so gorgeous while on a candy binge

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A cool link for today: a woman who takes pictures entitled things like “Death by Oreo”.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Make sure you hit the “next” button underneath the photo so you can scroll through the gallery. My favourite is “Death by Life Saver”. I would like to see this exhibition.

In my own life, have started chapter two and my friend Ruth, after some brainstorming, has found me the perfect model for my next hero. Ruth, you rule!





Pink Heart Society

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Oh and on a more cheerful note than below, I’m guest-blogging over at category romance blogazine The Pink Heart Society today, about one of my favourite ever films, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Visit here.





Liz Fielding

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Well, the post I put up yesterday seems to have completely disappeared for some reason. It was about my son’s new words. It’s gone. If you commented on it, I’m sorry!

I have got a post up, though, on the wonderful Liz Fielding‘s blog. Liz writes wonderful feel-good romance and she’s celebrating her fiftieth book. Go pay her a visit, and leave a comment to win a copy of One Night Stand.





I’m over there…

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I’m guest posting on Southern Fried Chicas today about how I came up with Driving Him Wild, aka His for the Taking. The story includes Keith Urban, getting pregnant, and torturing my friends (not all at the same time).

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des petits pimpages

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We’ve recovered, and the Fecklet seems to have escaped the bug, though we’re still keeping our fingers crossed.

Three quick pimpage things, and then after I’ve got some words down on my wip, I’ll post about the Reading Festival:

My friend Christyne Butler has her first book, Reilly’s Promise out today: her website

Anna Louise Lucia has the cover of her first book with Medallion Press on her blog:

And click here to donate mammograms:

In the past two weeks I’ve received copies of my books in Japanese, Greek, French, Italian, and Spanish. I know there are some Portugese and German ones out there, too, which I haven’t received yet.

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