The Two Lives of Louis & Louise

January 24, 2019 (Hardcover)
September 5, 2019 (Paperback)

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Optioned for film by Enderby Entertainment

Long listed for the Polari Prize

A Book of the Year 2019—The Reading Agency
Bert’s Books Book of the Year
A Top Book of 2019—Woman & Home
A Book of the Year—Stylist
Best Books 2019—Fabulous Magazine

One life. Lived twice.

Louis David Alder and Louise Dawn Alder are the same person in two different realities: they have the same parents, the same birthday, the same talents, the same wishes, the same eyes and hair. Their realities are separated only by the gender announced by the doctor and a final ‘e’.

Both Louis and Louise grow up in the small paper mill town of Casablanca, Maine, with the same friends and family—but because of their gender, everything looks different.

On a sultry evening when they are eighteen years old, during a violent strike at the paper mill, two dramatic events happen—one to Louis, and another to Louise—which mean that they leave Casablanca, seemingly for good. But twelve years later, when their mother is dying of cancer, Louis and Louise return to Maine to deal with two very different towns and problems…and to discover whether their destinies are, after all, the same.

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