Tips for Writers

I have Medium publication about writing, Write Here. Write Now. You’ll find my novel-writing diary, as well as articles about writing and a series of writing agony aunt columns.

For many years, I wrote a blog about writing. Here are some of my most popular posts about writing and being published.

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I am most often asked what my top tip is for writers who want to get published. I think it is this: WRITE. Write more. Write crap. Write better. Write and write and write, because with practice, you will improve. No writing is ever wasted, even if it fails, because it has taught you how to fail, and the next thing you write may succeed.

Or the next thing you write. Or the next.

My second top tip is: It’s totally normal to be scared shitless. It’s a sign you’re doing it right. Or at least I hope so.

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